Map. History of Turkey conflict

17 Mars 2018
Turkish warplanes flying over Afrin. One artillery shell fell near Afrin hospital.
Turkish army shelling Ashrafiya district in Afrin with missiles. 5 wounded 3 of them are children.
Turkish artillery heavily bombarding Jandaris. The newly deployed Syrian militias still not participating in the fights.
Turkish army and FSA are targeting Afrin city with MLRS and artillery
Today's operation in the village of Hekche
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Seven members of parliament from Turkey's Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) have been hit with a list of criminal indictments which includes terror charges
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Russian Parliament CIS Committee head Kalashnikov says Turkey has legitimate concerns in Afrin, but should make deal with all parties concerned, and not pursue permanent presence in the region, otherwise it can aggravate Kurdish issue thus legitimizing US stay in Syria.
AfrinOp: 3rd Corps of National Army storming with ACV-15 APCs hills around Arab Wiran, seized from YPG this morning.
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Syrian forces who attempted to enter Afrin "were acting on their own", Turkish President Erdogan claims. "we reached an agreement with Rouhani and Putin about Afrin issue."
President Erdoğan says a small pro-Assad militant group acted on its own while trying to enter Syria's Afrin, convoy retreated after Turkish artillery shelling3 uke siden
President Erdoğan says a small pro-Assad militant group acted on its own while trying to enter Syria's Afrin, convoy retreated after Turkish artillery shelling
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President Erdogan holds a joint press conference with Macedonian President Ivanov in Ankara
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Erdogan suggests Turkey criminalize adultery
Aftermath of TSK artillery which forced part of convoy of Iran|ian-backed forces heading to Afrin to retreat towards Nubul-Zahraa.
Turkish army shelling road Afrin-Nubl, Nubl-Afrin LoC s are also being hit
YPG spokesman Nuri Mahmut said that 2 pro-Assad fighters were killed in Turkish bombardment today
Tirinde village next to Afrin city center is being shelled with heavy artillery by Turkish army
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Anatolia Agency: 1200 Turkish special forces troops heading to Afrin
Al Mayadin Video of Turkish army shelling area near Pro-government convoy that entered Afrin
Turkish army shelled Dair Jamal north of Nubl.
Turkish artillery targeted government convoy in the village of Maryamin, east of Afrin.
Turkish artillery shelling targeted the convoy forcing it to stop in Ziyareh village
The moment when Syrian militias entered Afrin while ago.
Turkish drone started bombarding nearby the crossing. Afrin
Turkish shelling on Maryamin area as NDF enters Afrin
Al Mayadin reporter: Turkish bombing in conjunction with the entry of the Syrian popular forces to the Afrin
Iranian backed shiite militants entering Afrin area now
Large military convoy of Iran-backed Syrian NDF (Shabiha) units heading from Nuble and Zahra to Afrin to support YPG
Syrian National Defense units are on their way to Afrin. Will be deployed on the border with Turkey - YPG commander
Hamza Turkmeni division during operation near Bulbul
According to senior Kurdish official Russia is allowing Turkey to establish a corridor from Northern Aleppo to Afrin. That's why Russia doesnt want Afrin-Syrian govt deal.
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Russia's Lavrov says situation in Syria's Afrin could be resolved through direct dialogue between Damascus and Ankara
Turkey's President @RT_Erdogan holds a olive branch while delivering speech.3 uke siden
Turkey's President @RT_Erdogan holds a olive branch while delivering speech.
Olive Branch forces completely captured Dair Sivan village from YPG
FSA 3rd Corps soldiers are in Arab Wiran village.
The #OperationOliveBranch announced the liberating Ukanli village from YPG.
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Erdogan: The talks we have held have led to a halt in the deployment of the Syrian army in Afrin
Olive Branch forces captured Hamlurak village in the southern Rajo
Heavy clashes ongoing in the villages of Bahce/Sirayn and Khodour/Qastal Kadiriyah, west of Bulbul
Another roket just landed to Azaz. Privious one killed 2 individuals half an hour ago
Since early morning, Turkish warplanes, artillery bombarding YPG position around Afrin
The #OperationOliveBranch Room announced the control over Haykajah village from the YPG
Turkish military says 1,715 militants "neutralised" since start of Operation Olive Branch on December 20 in Afrin, northwestern Syria
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Erdogan announces that 32 Turkish soldiers and 70 Turkish-backed fighters were killed during Afrin operation
Faylaq al-Sham announces full control over Qilah village, south of Jinderes after clashes with YPG.
The #OperationOliveBranch Room announced the capturing of Marwanah near Jinderes
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Turkish President Erdogan says says Turkish military and FSA will besiege Afrin city center in the upcoming days.
National Army FSA and Turkish Armed Forces captured Sharqanli and Ukanli near Bulbul in Afrin from YPG
FSA National Army and Turkish Army have captured Zaytunah, Suvarani and Hiyani villages from YPG.
National Army FSA and Turkish Armed Forces captured Sourani and Hayani from YPG militants in Afrin near Bulbul
The #OperationOliveBranch Room says FSA controlling Arab Wiran and Dayr Sawwan three surrounding hills after the clashes with YPG.
Free Syrian Army declares control of the villages of Jamilah, Arab Wiran and three hills on the axis of Sharan in the countryside of Afrin
The #OperationOliveBranch Room announces the liberating Zaytuna village from the YPG
FSA Hamza Division carried out a night operation to Hayamli village, near Bulbul
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Syrian army didn't enter Afrin yet - Turkish FM
Hayamli, west to Bulbul was captured by FSA/Turkish army
Turkish drones circling over the village Zormikhare and its surrounding
Turkish warplanes carried out airstrikes around Sheikh Hadid. Meanwhile Turkish helicopters operating in the area.
Kurdish people's protection units(YPG) deny agreement with Damascus to allow government forces to enter Afrin to help repel a Turkish attack
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Azerbaijan to open first phase of Southern Gas Corridor to Turkey in July
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Turkish Deputy PM: "Diplomatic sources didn't verify Assad, YPG deal. If government has an opinion of deploying forces in Afrin to defend YPG, this will result in serious disasters in the region "
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Bozdağ: Washington's failure to withdraw YPG from Manbij will mean we are under threat
Turkish Government spokesperson Bozdağ (after cabinet meeting): Reports on Assad government's plan to send troops to Syria's Afrin not true; such thing is out of the question3 uke siden
Turkish Government spokesperson Bozdağ (after cabinet meeting): Reports on Assad government's plan to send troops to Syria's Afrin not true; such thing is out of the question
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Turkish Deputy Prime Minister: Foreign ministers of Turkey, Russia and Iran will meet on March 14
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Turkish Deputy Prime Minister: If Syrian government forces enter Afrin, this will have serious consequences
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President Erdogan had a phone call with the Iranian President Ruhani
FSA Hamza Division video inside the Hacikanli village.
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Two people wounded in an explosion in Diyarbakir
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Turkey, Iran and Russia will have a trilateral summit in 2 weeks
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Turkey's President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his Russian counterpart Putin discuss latest developments in Syria, mainly in Afrin and Idlib
#AfrinOp: one of checkpoints taken by Olive Branch forces near Cyrrhus (Nabi Huri) was guarded by "Asayîşa Rojava"
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President of Turkey Erdoğan and Russia's Putin had phone call
Olive Branch forces declares Medaya village fully captured from YPG in southern Jinderes.
Turkish army is shelling YPG targets in eastern Jarablus.
12-year-old Haifa Kallahu was killed in a shelling on the village of Basuta in Afrin
Al-Mayadeen currently has a live broadcast from the Afrin crossing
Al-Mayadeen currently has a live broadcast from the Afrin crossing
The #OperationOliveBranch Room announced the control over Diwan Al Tahtani, El Bayadah camp, Qabla hill and the houses around it from the YPG
Ankara municipality changed @USEmbassyTurkey's street name to ZeytinDali Olive Branch. as a re-action to US stance over YPG and Afrin military operation.3 uke siden
Ankara municipality changed @USEmbassyTurkey's street name to ZeytinDali "Olive Branch". as a re-action to US stance over YPG and Afrin military operation.
FSA forces looking to Jinderes district from a defensive position.
FSA captured Xirabê Elûs east fortified defensive base near Jinderes
Turkish army is shelling several locations in western Marea city including Harbul, Sheikh Issa, Maryamin
Turkish artillery is pounding villages on the road from Aleppo to Afrin
New @Reuters pictures. OliveBranch forces position a BGM-71 TOW "north of Afrin" yesterday
The "Operation Olive Branch" Room announces, they are in the gate of Raco (Khananli gate) after the clashes with the YPG.
FSA at Merseva village in North Afrin
The #OpOliveBranch Room announced the control of Hopkan village from the YPG
Turkish army shelled Tarandah, south of Afrin.
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Turkey's FM @MevlutCavusoglu comments on Afrin deal, saying if the Syrian government wants to remove YPG from Afrin, it is positive.
"Olive Branch" forces captured Hopkan near Rajo.
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Turkish Foreign Minister: We call for maintaining Syria's unity and encourage reconstruction efforts
Jordan FM: We are in agreement with Turkey on the importance of the Palestinian cause and the two-state solution
#OpOliveBranch room announces the capture of Nabi Huri hill/castle and Roman brigde and surrounding hills
Ancient Cyrrhus, the modern Nebi Hurri hill is under FSA control
Turkish warplanes bombarded YPG targets around Jinderes and Dair Siwan a hour ago.
Turkish jets target YPG positions in Afrin as a deal is underway between Syrian gov't and YPG group.
Clashes between SDF forces and the FSA&Turkish army around the village Helubiye, Meydaneke Dam and around the Kela Nebi Hori of district Shera
FSA in Marsava village in Northern Afrin
FSA seized the Sumud mountain (687 Bolu mountain) from the YPG in Rajo district
Turkish-backed FSA seized Shaltah, Birsava(Marso) and Iki Dam villages from YPG
The official announcement by FSA on Mersawa, Iki Dam and Shelta villages in Northern Afrin countryside
#OliveBranch: FSA capture Marso, Iki dam and Shaltah villages in Afrin area northern Syria's Aleppo
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