13 July 2024
FM Fidan, Saudi counterpart al Saud discuss Gaza crisis, regional developments in phone call, diplomatic sources say
2 month ago
A source in the Turkish presidency: The Egyptian President will visit Türkiye next week
The Turkish army targets SDF positions with heavy artillery in the vicinity of the city of Azaz in the Aleppo countryside
Turkish Ministry of National Defense: 6 PKK militants were neutralized with the air operation carried out in the Hakurk region
Several Assad's soldiers were killed and wounded following Turkish artillery shelling on their position in area North of Tell Rifaat, N. Aleppo countryside
Turkish media quoted Erdogan: I do not think that Hamas will leave Qatar
With the arrival of Turkey's warship in Mogadishu Port, the first step of the 10-year cooperation agreement between Somalia and Turkey on coastal protection, blue economy development and maritime defence capabilities has been taken
Erdogan stressed that they had signed a strategy security pact against the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) and the Gulen Movement with Iraq
The Turkish President arrives in the Iraqi capital, Baghdad
Turkish, Iraqi and Kurdish flags in Iraq’s Erbil today for Erdogan’s visit first time in many years
Egyptian Foreign Minister: We seek to improve our relations with Türkiye politically and security-wise
Turkish Foreign Minister: Regional issues are the focus of cooperation between Egypt and Turkey
Turkish Foreign Minister: We agree with Egypt on the necessity of Libya's unity and sovereignty
2 month ago
Turkish Foreign Minister: We are keen to cooperate with Egypt to deliver aid to Gaza
Prime Minister of Iraq: We will not allow Iraqi territory to be a launching pad for attacks on Türkiye
2 month ago
Suspected Turkish drone strike targets an oil field in the countryside of Qamishli in NE_Syria
2 month ago
Turkish Foreign Ministry: We call on all parties to refrain from steps that might expand the conflict in the Middle East
2 month ago
Turkish Foreign Ministry: The priority of the international community must be to stop the massacre in Gaza
Iran’s foreign minister is now visiting Istanbul, Turkiye. He visited Iranian Consulate General in the city2 month ago
Iran’s foreign minister is now visiting Istanbul, Turkiye. He visited Iranian Consulate General in the city
2 month ago
The Turkish Ministry of Defense announces the neutralization of four YPG members in the Euphrates Shield area in northern Syria
2 month ago
Turkish President: Netanyahu is trying to prolong the war to remain in power
3 month ago
Israel will pay price for oppression, all means must be mobilized for cease-fire in Gaza, including UNSC decision, Turkish President Erdogan tells Palestinian counterpart
3 month ago
Number of journalists, including from TRT Arabic channel, injured in Israeli bombing of Nuseirat camp in central Gaza Strip
Turkish forces on Friday conducted strikes on alleged PKK bases at the Mateen mountain range of Duhok’s Amedi district
TSK airstrikes in Hakurk
3 month ago
Turkey’s Fidan calls Hamas leader Haniyeh to offer his condolences over “the suicide attack” of his three sonds and grandsons as a result of an Israeli attack: Diplomatic sources
3 month ago
President Erdoğan talked on the phone with Algerian President Tebbun
Israel says it will contact organisations and states in the US to pull their investments from Turkey and prevent the import of products from Turkey. “and ask our friends in the American Congress to examine the violation of the boycott laws and impose sanctions on Turkey accordingly.”
Israeli Foreign Minister: Erdogan sacrifices Türkiye's economic interests in order to support Hamas
3 month ago
Turkey restricts the export of some products to Israel over the invasion of Gaza, including aluminium, steel, cement, and chemical pesticides as of today