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19 September 2018
The village of Berkash in district Bilbil after Turkish airstrikes today: Three civilians were wounded and many houses destroyed
Both Turkish artillery and aviation shelling YPG positions in Afrin district this night
Turkish warplanes carried out airstrikes in Baflioun mountain.
Video: Turkish convoy in Saraqib
Turkish warplanes are flying now over Afrin area
Turkish convoy on the way to Tall Tuqan
Turkish convoy on the way to Tall Tuqan
US Treasury adds Turkish company to sanction list as "ISIS facilitator" for providing drones to ISIS
Video of a Turkish convoy entering northern Idlib province near the village of Kafr Lusin
AfrinOp: a Turkish airstrike destroyed a building located 1.7 km S. of Afrin-city. Recently built, works started last Spring. Some stages of construction
Turkish military convoy enters rebel-held areas with apparent goal of setting up observation point at Tell Touqan (northwest of Abu al-Dhuhur) to overlook Syrian govt-held areas, according to HTS news agency
Syria: new Turkish column entered Idlib province tonight. Probably heading to Taftanaz.
Video: Turkish jets hit YPG ammo depot in Afrin
The village Jela in Rajo district is being bombed by Turkish army. Warplanes are bombing the villages Shikefta and Tormisha in Shiye district
National Army FSA and Turkish Armed Forces officially captured Nasiriyah hill and Safiriyah village near Jinderes from YPG
#AfrinOp: drone view of Tell Nasiriyah captured this morning from YPG by Olive Branch forces (SW. of Jindires).
Olive Branch forces captured Soldujuk village.
#OliveBranch also captured J. Tahtani village.
Turkish artillery shelling the center of Jandris, southwestern Afrin.
#OliveBranch forces captured Juqali village, north of Sheikh Hadid
Smoke billows from Rajo, a district in Afrin
Photo for FSA fighters in Iskhan Arabi village.
The 1st Corps of the FSA National Army (OSO) announced that it had seized Iskan Garbi from YPG
TSK and FSA have captured Juqali Fawqani village from YPG.
SDF in Manbej are preparing to repel a Turkish attack
SDF in Manbej are preparing to repel a Turkish attack
First legion of FSA "National Army" at Askhan Gharbi in Jandaris district
#OliveBranch forces captured Juqali Fawqani, north of Sheikh Hadid.
National Army FSA and Turkish Armed Forces also captured Iskan from YPG in Afrin near Jinderes
FSA official statement on Nasriya and Dukkan villages
Video: Coalition reinforcement at Dandaniyah of Manbij district
FSA took control of 2 villages in Jinderes sub-district. In the heat of the fight, YPG continue their constructions.
The Turkish army and the Free Army control the villages of Nisriya and Dukan in the area of Jenderes after battles with the forces of YPG
7 month ago
Turkey issues warrant for the arrest of HDP co-chair Serpil Kemalbay for statements against Turkey's military assault on Afrin
Turkish sources claim that Turkish backed rebels captured villages of Nasiriyah and Dukan from YPG.
Hamam village is under OliveBranch forces control again.7 month ago
Hamam village is under OliveBranch forces control again.
7 month ago
Turkish army says another soldier was killed during Olive Branch operation
French Minister of Foreign Affairs, Le drian: Turkey should stop their airstrikes on Afrin
One person killed in last night's air strikes on Afrin city
One person killed in last night's air strikes on Afrin city
Turkish Army: In Olive Branch Operation 19 targets were destroyed by air strikes
Turkish warplanes renewed airstrikes in Baflioun Mountain
Tel Rifat and Minagh air base are under heavy bombardment
Suspected Turkish aircraft is flying over Manbij area
Turkish warplanes carried out airstikes in the area of Rajo.
Fire after aerial bombardment of Afrin city
Turkish airstrikes are targeting Baflûna, Ereb Wêran and Omera villages, North-East of Afrin Canton near Turkey border and Azaz
Airstrikes on Afrin this night
Turkish army and FSA advancing at Bafilun mount South-West to Burseya mount with air support, at least 6 airstrikes reported
Turkish warplanes hit Sharran in Afrin
Turkish warplanes hit YPG positions near Minag airbase near Azaz
Turkish warplanes are bombarding Ashrafiyah neighborhood in the center of Afrin.
Turkish Air Force aviation reported over city of Kilis7 month ago
Turkish Air Force aviation reported over city of Kilis
Turkish warplanes start bombing YPG targets in Afrin
YPG is shelling positions of Turkish-backed forces with MLRS BM-21 GRAD
SecDef Mattis: "The situation has not changed in Manbij in terms of Turkish pressure on Manbij or—obviously there's a lot of concern there because of what they've heard out of Ankara but right our goal is to keep the pressure on the counter ISIS campaign"
[email protected]: The United States is deeply concerned by the February 8 conviction without credible evidence of U.S. citizen and @NASA scientist Serkan Golge for being a member of a terror organizationWe call on Turkey's Government to end the protracted state of emergency.
US Secretary of Defence Mattis will meet his Turkish counterpart Canikli next mid-week in Brussels and discuss Syria, Mattis told reporters
Asked about Turkey - Afrin, @ChiefPentSpox says "We're going to continue to support the SDF [Syria|n Democratic Forces] in the fight against ISIS"
Funeral of Turkish officer, who was killed in Afrin, at Karabuk7 month ago
Funeral of Turkish officer, who was killed in Afrin, at Karabuk
YPG target a military vehicle in the center of the village of Shikraza in Bulbul
7 month ago
Syria's airspace has not been closed to Turkey's air forces. Russia was introducing a new air defence systemandTurkish air force was expecting to be allowed back into Syria to support the ongoing Turkish military campaign in Afrin region after the installation was completed.
7 month ago
Erdogan had phone call with Iranian President Rouhani
1st IED/landmine by YPG against FSA vehicle in Afrin, in Khalil village
A warning was sent out by the FSA to Troops in the Afrin Operation to use cell phones with caution7 month ago
A warning was sent out by the FSA to Troops in the Afrin Operation to use cell phones with caution
Picture: YPJ rocket launcher
7 month ago
Journalist says the explosion sounds in Ankara were dynamite being used in the construction of a new road in Çayyolu.
7 month ago
Unknown location
People reporting the sound of 2 explosions in Ankara in the past 10 minutes
15 YPG fighters were buried today in Afrin
7 month ago
Explosions in Ankara
7 month ago
Russian gas and oil giant Gazprom increases planned total investment in the TurkStream natural gas pipeline project to $7 billion, will primarily use own recourses
7 month ago
Ghandour denies the establishment of a Turkish military base on the Sudanese island of Suakin
Turkish army is shelling the villages Chela and Cheqmaqa of district Rajo
7 month ago
Turkey has filed an application to reject the agreement between Egypt and the Greek Cypriots, indicating that the agreement violates the Turkish continental shelf at the meridians 32, 16 and 18 degrees
7 month ago
Erdogan: Washington's insistence on working with terrorist organizations in Syria brings us to a crossroads
Turkish army artillery shelled positions in the villages of Kawkuli and Kurtwiran near Arima, western countryside of Manbij.
7 month ago
Turkish President Erdogan: Assad put into practice state terrorism. He still keeps on killing.
7 month ago
Turkish President Erdogan strongly rejects call of main opposition leader to establish contact with Syria's Assad
Heavy clashes still ongoing in Rajo front since morning as Turkish army artillery shelling in the town of Rajo. Olive Branch forces seized some points and weapons.c
7 month ago
Erdogan and Putin agree to set up new monitoring sites in Idlib
7 month ago
Next summit of Erdogan, Putin and Ruhani will be held in Istanbul
7 month ago
Turkey President Erdogan had phone call with Russian President Putin
7 month ago
Turkish Armed forces claims 1028 suspected militants were neutralized since beginning of operation in Northern Syria
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