16 نيسان 2021
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[email protected]: Good news seems to be happening with respect to Turkey, Syria and the Middle East. Further reports to come later
Lavrov: Turkish operation "The Peace Spring" is over
It is very important that we managed to agree on the deployment of Syrian border guards on the border with Turkey: Lavrov and Shoigu talk about the results of negotiations between Putin and Erdogan
Complete text of Turkish, Russian agreement on Northern Syria(in English), that pushed YPG 30km from Turkish, Syria border
Putin-Erdogan agreement on Syria
لافروف: وحدات من الشرطة العسكرية الروسية ستدخل إلى شمالي سوريا لتأمين انسحاب القوات الكردية
لافروف: مهلة من 150 ساعة بدءا من مساء الأربعاء لانسحاب القوات الكردية بعمق أكثر من 30 كلم داخل الأراضي السورية
Russia FM Lavrov: As per Adana Agreement, Russia will participate in the safe zone agreement, alongside Turkey; YPG will leave all positions 30km from Turkey's border within 150hrs (except Qamishli, Tel Rifat & Manbij); After that, joint RU-Turkish army patrols will begin
أردوغان: العملية التركية في الشمال السوري لا تهدف لانتهاك وحدة أراضي سوريا
Negotiations between Putin and Erdogan ended: The talks between the presidents of Russia and Turkey lasted six and a half hours
Syria must be freed from foreign military presence, the country's integrity must be maintained, Turkey shares this approach - Putin
We managed to reach decisions that will be published by the ministers of the Russian Federation and Turkey later - Putin
SDF commander Mazloum Abdi says that they have fully consented with the US/Turkey agreement
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مسؤول أميركي: المسلحون الأكراد أبلغونا بإخلائهم للمنطقة الآمنة في الشمال السوري
2 HRE ATGMs targeted the TFSA military facility located at the al-Ahlam mountain resort, while the rest were fired at locations in the town itself
HRE footage published today showing them fire multiple ATGMs from within TFSA territory in Afrin at targets around the town of Bassouta
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Having served time in prison for violating US sanctions against Iran, former Deputy General Manager of Halkbank Hakan Atilla has been appointed as the Chair of Borsa İstanbul, or İstanbul Stock Exchange
Kurdish station Dengê Welat is on the same frequency of counter broadcast from Turkey's state radio TRT on 11520 khz.
During a meeting between Erdogan and Putin's only translators present, Erdogan's file appears to have a map
Photo: talks between Erdogan and Putin in Sochi on the fate of Syria
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M4.0 earthquake (deprem) strikes 40 km SW of Bodrum (Turkey) 3 min ago.
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According to HVG the army of Hungary is buying armored vehicles from Turkey through an intermediary company that has links to PM Orban
Putin's Press Secretary Peskov: "Only the legitimate government of Syria can allow Turkish armed forces to remain or not remain on the territory of Syria,"
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الخارجية الروسية: العملية العسكرية التركية تنتهك سيادة سوريا
Turkey's President Erdogan began talks with Russian President Putin in Sochi
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الجيش الوطني يسيطر على قرى "كيف خانة _الجلبة _عبدي كوي _ طباش" غرب تل_ابيض ضمن إطار عملية نبع_السلام. وكالة_ثقة سوريا
قوات المعارضة تستهدف بصواريخ الغراد والقذائف المدفعية مواقع قوات النظام في مدينة خان شيخون جنوب إدلب
On 15th-October a Turkish drone have targeted two high ranked KCK members on Goyzha mount, Sulaimani - Local authorities
Every inch of Syria would be reclaimed, Assad said, every inch. Here he is in Idlib today (first time in 7+ years) as his troops position themselves along the once Kurdish-held border with Turkey (first time in 7+ years)
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أردوغان يعبر عن انزعاجه من بعض المواقف الإيرانية من التدخل التركي في الشمال السوري
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أردوغان:سأبحث مع بوتين وقف إطلاق النار في إدلب
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تركيا — أردوغان يهدد باستئناف الهجوم على سوريا إذا لم يستكمل الأكراد انسحابهم
وحدات من الجيش تدخل قرية الكوزلية غرب تل تمر بريف الحسكة الشمالي الغربي1 سنة منذ
وحدات من الجيش تدخل قرية الكوزلية غرب تل تمر بريف الحسكة الشمالي الغربي
طائرات حربية تابعة للجيش التركي تحلق في سماء عين العرب بريف حلب الشمالي الشرقي
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بروكسل — الاتحاد الأوروبي: الهجوم التركي في سوريا يدعم داعش ويهدد أمننا
SAA has begun entering Dirbêsiyê (Al-Darbasiyah) city
سانا: وحدات من الجيش السوري تستكمل انتشارها في الريف الشمال لمحافظة الحسكة
Turkish President Erdoğan will meet with Russian President Putin in Sochi today. Kobani, Manbij and Qamishli will be on the agenda
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German ISIS member Fatih K. was able to escape from a prison in Northern Syria following the Turkish army's shelling and attacks on the region. His lawyer Mahmut Erdem has already confirmed it
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SDF has captured the villages "Bi'r Qadim", Misêrfa and Al-'Aliyah, Khirbat Al-Naimah from SNA. SDF are controlling the International M4 road to Deir ez-zor, west of Tall Tamr
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The SDF and SAA are continually repulsing attacks on Manajir by the TFSA. They've attacked the village several times throughout the "ceasefire"
Trump is 'fully prepared' to take military action against Turkey if needed, Mike Pompeo says
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German Defence Minister @AKK calls for international protection zone in Northern Syria in coordination with Turkey and Russia. Nothing less than paradigm shift in German security policy, Merkel "informed'.
ترمب على تويتر: وقف إطلاق النار صامد في #سوريا رغم بعض المناوشات القليلة
ترامب يقول إنه لا يريد ترك القوات الأميركية في سوريا
While the Kurds are reporting casualties, "plenty of Turks have been killed because of conflict on their borders," according to @POTUS. "You have to look at both ways."
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[email protected] on Syria: "We had no obligation if you will to defend the Kurds from a long-standing NATO ally (Turkey)"
Dozens of Russian soldiers arrive at Qamishlo Airport in Northern Syria
SANA has published pictures of Syrian army installing new heavy artillery batteries and MLRS in Manbij region to to counter the Turkish aggression on Syrian territory, SANA added.1 سنة منذ
"SANA" has published pictures of Syrian army installing new heavy artillery batteries and MLRS in Manbij region to "to counter the Turkish aggression on Syrian territory", SANA added.
استمرار مظاهرات أبناء منبج المهجرين في جرابلس للمطالبة بتحرير منبج و رفضا لتسليمها للنظام الثورة_مستمرة جرابلس jarabulus منبج Manbij syria سوريا
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A large number of SAA soldiers have deployed along the international highway near ⁦Ain Issa⁩ town
A massive displacement movement of hundreds of families from Derbasiyah & its countryside towards southern areas and Hasakah, its surroundings, amid civilian fears of Turkish forces offensive
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المرصد: 4 قتلى من عناصر قسد باستهداف طائرة تركية مسيرة لسيارة تقلهم في محيط عين عيسى
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Russia's Defence Minister says Turkish operation in Northern Syria has left twelve prisons holding foreign militants and eight refugee camps unguarded
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Severe clashes between Turkish-backed forces and SDF are taking place in villages north of Ain Issa town/ south of Kobani
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Turkish Ministry of Defense claims that there was no civilian casualty in the Syrian territory during Operation "Peace Spring"
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Khirbet Al Beger and Kur Husen villages south of Tel Abiad/Girê Spî are being bombed.
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لافروف: روسيا لا تخطط لعقد اجتماع أمني بين تركيا وسوريا
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Erdogan on the Turkish offensive in Syria: "We expected the international community to take a strong stance. We are deeply disappointed. The whole West stood by the militants. They all attacked us together, including NATO and the EU countries."
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President Erdogan: 'We are coming towards the end of 120 hours. We will meet with Putin and We will do what we need.'
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الجيش الوطني يسيطر على قرى "خربة الفرس والعلوات الجنوبية والغربية والصليبي" وعدد من المزارع المحيطة غرب تل_ابيض ضمن إطار عملية نبع_السلام. وكالة_ثقة سوريا
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أردوغان: تركيا لا تريد أن تأخذ أي أرض ليست تابعة لها
President Erdogan: I think that those who have spoke in protest of Turkey's Operation Peace Spring to rid the region of terrorism cannot stomach democracy and they are supporting terrorist organizations.1 سنة منذ
President Erdogan: I think that those who have spoke in protest of Turkey's Operation Peace Spring to rid the region of terrorism cannot stomach democracy and they are supporting terrorist organizations.
Kurds in Qamishlo city in Syria are throwing "stones and tomatoes" on the US troops as they are withdrawing from the Kurdish areas in Northern Syria to pave the way for Turkish troops to enter into the areas
Qamishli: withdrawing US force is pelted with stones and rotten fruit
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Alongside Mızraklı, the co-mayors of Kayapınar, Bismil and Kocaköy municipalities (all HDP) were also detained this morning
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مولود جاويش أوغلو: في الوقت الذي كنا نسعى فيه لتأسيس المنطقة الآمنة بسورية مع أمريكا استمرت واشنطن في دعم المليشيا الكردية بالسلاح
الحسكة إنسحاب قافلة عسكرية للقوات الأمريكية تضم نحو 100 شاحنة و عربة مصفحة من مناطق سيطرة قسد بالشمال السوري مروراً بمدينة القامشلي بإتجاه معبر سيمالكا مع اقليم كردستان العراق هذه الأثناء
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