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Map. History of Turkey conflict

25 Şubat 2020
A protest in Manbij against the presence and newly entered Assad government forces into the city, and chanting anti-Assad slogans.
Turkish forces are bombing Kobane's Şiyûx Jêrîn & Zawr Maghar villages on the shore of the Euphrates from the Jarablus. They are trying to cross the Euphrates taking advantage of bombardments
Official announcement from @WhiteHouse that @VP will lead US delegation to Turkey to meet with @RTErdogan
U.S. lodged formal complaint with the Turkish military after the incident through diplomatic channels. The American Special Operations forces were partnered with Syrian Kurdish allies during the encounter which took place a few hours ago, the official added
Türk devletine ait savaş uçakları Ras al-Ain/Serêkaniyê kent merkezini bombalıyor.-ANHA
U.S. military sends F-15 fighter jets, Apache gunships in "show of force" to disburse Turkish-backed forces who came "very close" to U.S. troops west of Ain Issa, Syria. Turkish-backed fighters "violated a standing agreement" not to threaten American troops: U.S. official
Türkiye destekli Milli Ordu birlikleri Rasulayn'da kurtarılan Atamiye ve Hayla köylerinde.4 ay önce
Türkiye destekli Milli Ordu birlikleri Rasulayn'da kurtarılan Atamiye ve Hayla köylerinde.
Karab-Ishk main military base (Previously @coalition base) Totally secure & under control of SDF. The base is about 15 km west of Ein -Issa, M4
Turkish-backed SNA raises military readiness on the outskirts of Manbij city east of Aleppo
4 ay önce
Syrian Observatory denies the targeting of SAA convoy near Manbij by aircraft
4 ay önce
TSK ve Milli Ordu Resulayn çevresindeki Atamiye ve Hayle köylerini ele geçirdi.
4 ay önce
Russian and US defense ministers discuss Syria by phone: Interfax
4 ay önce
Al Ikhbaria reporter says SAA enter villages Ghabishah-Laylan-Tawilah villages on NW Tell Tamr
It's fake
Tal tmar dan hareket eden Suriye rejimi milislerini türk savaş uçakları imha etti
YPG captured a Turkish armored vehicle
Spain suspends arms exports to Turkey due to attack on northern Syria
4 ay önce
The Kremlin: The Turkish army can penetrate only 5-10 kilometers into Syrian territory
Syrian official flag at Rafiah village on Sajur river northern Manbij countryside4 ay önce
Syrian official flag at Rafiah village on Sajur river northern Manbij countryside
Kobani resident tells Rudaw telephone "thousands" of civilians are fleeing the city towards Manbij and Raqqa after Turkish-backed forces attempted to seize control of a base abandoned by the US earlier today. Media close to the SDF say the attack was foiled
Sen. Jeanne Shaheen calls on President Trump to cancel Erdogan's invitation to the White House next month, becoming the third Senate Democrat to do so, after Sens. Murphy and Van Hollen. "It makes no sense to be extending hospitality & niceties," New Hampshire Dem says
Turkish presidency slams 'dirty deal' between Syria's Assad and Kurdish forces
Russian and Syrian official flag at checkpoint at Dibis village on the road Ayn Issa Sarrin4 ay önce
Russian and Syrian official flag at checkpoint at Dibis village on the road Ayn Issa Sarrin
Jaysh Al Islam fighter selfie with Turkish Army soldiers on the frontline
4 ay önce
MSF(Doctors without borders) suspends most of its activities and evacuates its international staff from northeastern Syria
Sweden withdraws all valid export permits for military equipment to Turkey, following a decision by the Inspectorate for Strategic Products
TSK destekli Suriye Milli Ordu Kuvvetleri Menbiç cephesinde emir bekliyor
Pro-Assad forces are now gathering on M4 highway west of Tall Tamr NW Hasakah at this point
Pro-Assad forces are now  gathering on M4 highway west of Tall Tamr NW Hasakah at this point
In the village of Alya, SDF fighters have destroyed 3 DShK-mounted vehicles, 4 vehicles transporting troops and a tank
Turkish jets are bombarding Ain Al Arab/Serekaniye with coordination from recon. drones. Heavy clashes are taking place between SDF and the Turkish forces in various locations
SDF militias target the city of Azaz, north of Aleppo, with an artillery shell
4 ay önce
Russian Ministry of Defense: Syrian Army took control of Tabqa military airport and several sites and bridges on the Euphrates River
Idlib'de bulunan ve Suriye Milli Ordusu (SMO)'ya katılan Ulusal Kurtuluş Cephesi (UKC),Münbiç Operasyonuna katılmak üzere kuvvet gönderiyor.
Russian forces headed into Manbij earlier today
Türkiye destekli Milli Ordu birlikleri Tel Abyad güneyindeki Munkile ve Şuibe köylerini Pkk/Pyd bölücü  örgütünden kurtardı4 ay önce
Türkiye destekli Milli Ordu birlikleri Tel Abyad güneyindeki Munkile ve Şuibe köylerini Pkk/Pyd bölücü örgütünden kurtardı
US forces withdrew towards their position at the eastern dam on the Hasakeh Tal Tamr road
Münbiç'teki Rejim ve Rus askerleri
US forces withdraw from Tel Baidar base between Hasakah and Darbasiyah
US forces withdraw from their military base in "Kharab Ashk" west of the city of Ain Issa, the base is one of the most important US bases in northeast Syria
USAF Foreign Emergency Support Team C-32B 02-5001 RCH588 U-turn over the Aegean Sea near Turkish Air Space4 ay önce
USAF Foreign Emergency Support Team C-32B 02-5001 RCH588 U-turn over the Aegean Sea near Turkish Air Space
4 ay önce
Turkish army pushes reinforcements of armored personnel carriers through Jarablus crossing towards Syria from Qarqamish
Clashes reported at the outskirts of the U.S. Military Base in Kharab-Ishk -M4, west Ein-Issa
Syrian governmental forces are moving in the outskirts of Manbij Accompanied by a media delegation, heading towards eastern road to the city of Kobani
Russian Military Police has entered Awn Dadat,and is patrolling the border between SDF and Turkish Army/TFSA
SNA in Tal Abyad, Raqqa
HPG Press Office announced that guerrillas carried out operations in response to the Turkish military offensive seeking to invade North and East Syria, which left 9 soldiers of the Turkish army dead in Xakurke region of Kurdistan region, northern Iraq
US official: US forces have withdrawn from Manbij and are preparing to leave the area by air
TSK / Suriye Milli Ordu birlikleri Tel Abyad güneyinde bulunan Akavi Fevkani, Akavi Tahtani ve Tel Ahdar köylerini ele geçirdi.
SecDef Esper: Due to Turkey's irresponsible actions, the risk to US forces in NE Syria has reached an unacceptable level. We are also at risk of being engulfed in a broader conflict. Therefore at @POTUS' direction DoD is executing a deliberate withdrawal of US military personnel from NE Syria
SecDef Esper: Turkey's unilateral action was unnecessary and impulsive. President Erdogan bears full responsibility for its consequences, to include a potential ISIS resurgence, possible war crimes, and a growing humanitarian crisis
4 ay önce
Turkish Foreign Minister and his US counterpart had a phone call
Türkiye destekli Milli Ordu birlikleri M4 anayolu yakınlarındaki Menacir kasabasında, Rasulayn güney kırsalı4 ay önce
Türkiye destekli Milli Ordu birlikleri M4 anayolu yakınlarındaki Menacir kasabasında, Rasulayn güney kırsalı
Türkiye destekli Milli Ordu birlikleri Tel Abyad'ın batısındaki Sukkariye köyünü Pkk/Pyd bölücü  örgütünden kurtardı4 ay önce
Türkiye destekli Milli Ordu birlikleri Tel Abyad'ın batısındaki Sukkariye köyünü Pkk/Pyd bölücü örgütünden kurtardı
Mayors of Turkey's Hakkari, Yuksekova, Ercis and Nusaybin provinces, who all belong to the opposition HDP party, detained as part of a terror investigation
OIR Spokesman: Coalition forces are executing a deliberate withdrawal from northeast Syria. We are out of Manbij.
4 ay önce
According to Hungarian FM Szijjarto the Turkish offensive is about Erdogan "re-settling Syrian refugees inside Syria in a secure environment"
Significant SAA reinforcements arrive in the town of Tal-Tamr in al-Hasakah western countryside
4 ay önce
British Foreign Secretary: Turkey should not use Syrian refugees on its territory as a blackmail to European countries
4 ay önce
UN: Deeply concerned about the fate of some 13,000 people in Ain Issa IDP camp
4 ay önce
Russian presidential envoy on Syria: We will not allow clashes between the Turkish and Syrian armies
4 ay önce
Russian presidential envoy on Syria: There was no agreement between Ankara and Moscow on the Turkish operation
4 ay önce
Kremlin: Turkish operation in Syria unacceptable
Tel Abyad batısında, Mahra köyü kurtarıldı
4 ay önce
British Foreign Secretary: Turkey's actions are reckless and play in favor of Russia
4 ay önce
British Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab: Turkish attack on Kurds in Syria has exacerbated instability in the region
4 ay önce
Russian Ministry of Defense: Syrian Army fully controls Manbij
4 ay önce
Russia's defense ministry says Russian soldiers are coordinating with Turkey's army in Syria's Manbij region
Russian Defense Ministry: Russian military police patrol along the contact line northwest of Manbij
SNA controls Tel Fender village north Raqqa
Menbiç kırsalında Turkish army unsurlarına havan topuyla saldırı gerçekleşti. Saldırıda 1 asker şehit oldu. 8 askerde yaralandı
4 ay önce
2 Turkish civilians Killed and 12 injured by mortar shells have fallen on Kiziltepe Town of Mardin Province, bordering Syria - governor
Due to the Turkish operation in northen Syria, Israeli PM Netanyahu son joins the call to Boycott Turkish Airlines
TSK/SMO ilerleyişi devam ediyor. Atwan köyü örgütü pkk/ypg den temizlendi
4 ay önce
Mardin'in Kızıltepe ilçesine yapılan saldırıda 2 kişi şehit oldu. 4'ü ağır 11 kişide yaralandı
Turkish army has shelled the village "Um Adasat El Farat" west of Manbij. Two civilians were killed, 13 others injured including three in serious conditions.
4 ay önce
Qatari foreign minister defends "Turkish attack" in Syria, says they came to eliminate "imminent threat"
Suryani Askeri güçleri  ( MFS) Ras al-Ain/Serêkaniyê ye destek birlik gönderdi4 ay önce
Suryani Askeri güçleri ( MFS) Ras al-Ain/Serêkaniyê ye destek birlik gönderdi
4 ay önce
Turkey aims to clear area from Manbij, Syria to Iraqi border from militants, providing voluntary resettlement of around 3M Syrians, says Erdogan
U.N. Human Rights office says Turkey could be held responsible under international law for executions, including those of Kurdish fighters and politician reportedly carried out by affiliated groups in Syria
Kurdish self-administration: More than 275,000 displaced cause of Turkish attacks in northeast Syria
Esed askerleri bu sabah Münbiç şehir merkezine girdiklerini ve tank yüklü tırlar üzerinde görüntü paylaşılıyor
4 ay önce
Erdogan: The military operation continues in line with the maps announced at UN meetings
4 ay önce
TSK Topçu Birlikleri, Münbiç'in batısındaki PKK/YPG hedeflerini vuruyor
Antalya'da sivil eğitim uçağı düştü4 ay önce
Antalya'da sivil eğitim uçağı düştü
Syrian TV: The Syrian army is deployed in the northern city of Manbij
Turkish army Topçu Birlikleri, Tel Abyad'ın güneyinde bulunan PKK/YPG hedeflerini vuruyor
Clashes in Ras Al Ain/Serêkaniyê have intensified again. The Turkish army is trying to enter the city by bombing with howitzers and tanks. SDF fighters are responding to these attacks
4 ay önce
Heavy Turkish Artillery shelling target the village of Seftek, 10 kms west to Kobani
Turkish shelling targeting silos near Tal Tamr city in Hasaka countryside
4 ay önce
F-16'larımız, Ayn İsa'nın kuzeyinde PKK/YPG'ye ait aracı içindekilerle birlikte imha etti
The first civilian victims of the clashes in NW Manbij have arrived at al-Furat hospital in the town
4 ay önce
Italian FM: Rome will ban arms exports to Turkey
4 ay önce
British Foreign Office: Government will ban arms exports to Turkey
Clashes between the SNA and the Kurdish units inside the city of Ras Al-Ain east
Al-Arabiya correspondent: Tal Tamr hospital in northern Syria received 78 bodies of civilians within 6 days
4 ay önce
Turkish-backed SNA controls the villages of Al-Managir and Al-Harras south of Ras Al-Ain
4 ay önce
Erdogan: Refugees in Turkey will move to the safe area we have established in Syria
Akçakale'de uzun zaman sonra T-155 atışları
Tel Abyad kırsalında, Halil yusuf köyü alındı
Diyarbakır'da HDP Kayapınar ilçe binası polis tarafından abluka altına alındı. dokuz8/@secilbzks4 ay önce
Diyarbakır'da HDP Kayapınar ilçe binası polis tarafından abluka altına alındı. dokuz8/@secilbzks
Kurdish-led SDF forces recapture Sari Kani and Tel Halaf in northern Syria early morning
Rasulayn doğu bölgesinde şiddetli çatışmalar yaşanıyor. Bölgede an itibariyle tespit edilen tünel Turkish army tarafından yok edildi. İçeriye giriş devam ediyor. Araçlar doğu bölgesine doğru hareket halinde
4 ay önce
Volkswagen has decided to delay a decision on building a 1.3 billion-euro ($1.4 billion) car plant in Turkey because of the situation in Syria
US forces heading towards Amuda, western Qamishli. The reason is unknown yet
US forces withdraw troops from Manbij towards Tishreen Dam southern Kobani, Syria
Ras Al-Ain/Sere Kani is under heavy shelling of Turkish Army
4 ay önce
Erdogan: The Arab League, which does not reflect the true pulse of the Arab street, has lost its legitimacy.
Syria-China urges Turkey to stop military action and return to "right track"
Ras Al-Ain/Serekaniye: The Turkish army is shelling the city while clashes between SDF forces and the Turkish army are ongoing on the eastern and western fronts (ANHA)
4 ay önce
Russian Deputy Foreign Minister: There are contacts to avoid clashes between pro-Assad forces and the Turkish army in northern Syria
Turkish UAVS currently over Syria
Mike Pence said Trump secured "a firm commitment" from Erdogan that Turkish forces would not attack Kobani. (No mention of any such commitment on Manbij.) Pence and Trump's national security advisor are heading to Turkey to try to mediate a deal
Syrian Observatory: SDF fully recaptured Ras al-Ain
Pompeo: This destabilizing operation by Turkey continues, and has created a growing and disastrous humanitarian crisis. We remain committed to a political solution to the conflict in Syria in line with UNSCR 2254. Turkey's unilateral actions led to these sanctions
Vice President Pence says President Trump spoke to President Erdogan today. Says the US wants Turkey to stop the invasion and begin an immediate cease fire
4 ay önce
Turkish troops advancing on Til Temir where Kurdish Red Crescent has its main field hospital - they are currently the only force on the ground providing direct aid after all NGOs left the area.
Kurdish Red Crescent (Hevya Sor) warns for humanitarian disaster after INGOs/NGOs pulled out on 13 Oct & evacuated (after Turkey shelled Ain issa)4 ay önce
Kurdish Red Crescent (Hevya Sor) warns for humanitarian disaster after INGOs/NGOs pulled out on 13 Oct & evacuated (after Turkey shelled Ain issa)
4 ay önce
Salvini: history repeats itself, a century ago the genocide of the Armenians by the Turkish government. We must keep Turkey out of the European system and we must stop financing the government with billions of euros.
4 ay önce
TSK destekli Milli Ordu Kuvvetleri Rasulayn'in güneyindeki Amiriye, Leylan ve Arbein köylerini örgütü YPG'dan ele geçirdi
Kobane: The Turkish army is shelling the village Qeremox east of Kobane
Turkey's military style salute to their supporters. #FRATUR #FranceTurkey
Secretary of Defense Mark Esper issues statement on Turkey and Syria. Says at NATO next week he will "plan to press our other NATO allies to take collective and individual diplomatic and economic measures in response to these egregious Turkish actions."
4 ay önce
U.K. decides to review all licenses for arms exports to Turkey
ANF Network: Syrian army reinforcements belonging to 4th corps of SAA has begun moving towards Northern Syria from Tabqa city. The reinforcements consists of 75 Military vehicles, 12 tanks, 6 APC and armored vehicles
City of Raqqa: Raising the flag of the Syrian Arab Republic at the clock roundabout in downtown Raqqa
Trump: I will issue executive decisions to impose sanctions on Turkish officials and anyone contributing to Turkey's destabilizing operations in northeast Syria
4 ay önce
Russia denies "allegations" that it had supported the expansion of Turkey's operation into Syrian city of Kobane. The Defense Ministry says they didn't discuss the topic with Turkish counterparts. They basically denied Erdogan's statement today that claimed otherwise
4 ay önce
[email protected]: Statement from President Donald J. Trump Regarding Turkey's Actions in Northeast Syria
Senator Graham: Republicans and Democrats will impose tough sanctions on Erdogan similar to Iran
4 ay önce
Turkish Presidency: Erdogan held a telephone conversation with the French president to discuss the military operation in northern Syria
4 ay önce
Abu Hatem Shaqra (military commander of Tajamu Ahrar Al-Sharqiyah): "Our forces successfully managed to penetrate deep into the Ayn Eesa highway (M4) today evening and killed 3 PKK/YPG elements."
4 ay önce
Russian Defense Ministry: Syria's Kurdish autonomous administration is unable to protect the population after it lost US support
4 ay önce
[email protected]: After defeating 100% of the ISIS Caliphate, I largely moved our troops out of Syria. Let Syria and Assad protect the Kurds and fight Turkey for their own land. I said to my Generals, why should we be fighting for Syria
4 ay önce
[email protected]: "To his credit the Europeans didn't step up to deal with this ISIS problem – it's a lot of the reason why we are in this situation today. Now, Angela Merkel of Germany is finally stepping up and telling Turkey to back off
1st Brigade of Sulaiman Shah brigades in the village of Yalishli, west to Manbij
Heavy clashes with heavy weapons occur in Yashli village northwest of Manbej
Milli Ordu birlikleri Aynel Arap hattını olası giriş için hazırlıyor
SNA is making further progress in the Ras al-Ain axis. SNA announced control of the villages of Nugra, Al-Madan, Adwan and Al-Jibash in the countryside of Hasaka
More SAA military vehicles and reinforcements are entering Tabqa towards northern Syria from "Tabqa Dam"
4 ay önce
Bir Atwan was captured, west of Tal Abyad.
Russian forces bombed from al-Farat village west of Manbij with heavy weapons, Turkish-backed armed opposition groups after an attempt by the latter to infiltrate into the village
Radio AllKul in Manbij city denies the stationing or presence of any government forces inside the city
U.S. officials say Turkish artillery 'intentionally' shelling Kurdish-run prisons in Syria allowing ISIS fighters to escape. Turkey claims 800 ISIS fighters fled Tal Abyad, but the local prison only held a 'few dozen,' official calls it 'Turkish propaganda.'
Syrian media reports that the Syrian Army has entered the city of Manbij in Aleppo northern countryside
Rus savaş uçakları Membiç üzerinde tur atıyor. Milli Suriye ordusu ilerliyor
Czechia suspends arms export licenses to Turkey
Menbiç kırsalında ele geçirilen ganimetler
4 ay önce
Heavy clashes between YPG and Turks in Manajir, Turkish forces using airstrikes to target YPG in Manajir.
4 ay önce
Turkey says EU shielding "terrorists" by criticizing Syria offensive
The U.S. is poised to impose sanctions on Turkey as soon as Monday
4 ay önce
Manbij: The attack of the Turkey-backed forces on the village al-Cat in eastern of Manbij has been repelled by the Manbij Military Council. A vehicle of the was destroyed and 4 fighters were killed
4 ay önce
Turkey to 'seriously reconsider' cooperation with EU in some areas due to its unlawful, biased attitude: Foreign Ministry
Resulayn kırsalında, Ciracir ve Maliye köyleri kurtarıldı
4 ay önce
Turkey rejects and condemns EU Foreign Affairs Council's decisions on Turkish moves in Syria and eastern Mediterranean
SAA soldier was killed, 3 wounded by Turkish-backed armed groups' artillery fire in Manbij
TSK destekli Milli Ordu Kuvvetleri Münbiç'in kuzeyindeki Um Adese köyünü örgütü YPG'dan ele geçirdi
4 ay önce
Milli Savunma Bakanı Akar: "Bugün Rusya Savunma Bakanı Sergey Şoygu ile telefonda görüştük. Karşılıklı bilgi alışverişinde bulunduk"
4 ay önce
Clashes in Gat village east of Manbij Manbij villages along the Sajur line are witnessing clashes between the Manbij Military Council and Turkish-backed groups
Turkish-backed SNA(Syrian National Army) controls a tank in Manbej area. The tank belongs to Assads forces
Artillery bombardments of SDF forces on the city of Azaz in Aleppo northern countryside
SAA secures the Euphrates dam and is deployed in its surroundings
Turkish-backed forces have seized SAA tank near Manbij
#Münbiç Yalışlı köyü alındı
Suriye Esed rejimi birlikleri Münbiç'den kaçiyor4 ay önce
#Suriye Esed rejimi birlikleri #Münbiç'den kaçiyor
TV reporter Mohammed Hussein Rasho from Afrin was killed in a Turkish airstrike on Serekaniye . Mohammed worked for Cira TV; an Ezidi channel.
US officials: US forces in northern Syria have been ordered to leave the country
Syrian Arab Army units near Bridge in Karguzak head to Ain al-Arab - Kobani4 ay önce
Syrian Arab Army units near Bridge in Karguzak head to Ain al-Arab - Kobani
Clashes at Sajur river line north to Manbij
US planning to evacuate 50 nukes from Incirlik, near Turkish/Syrian border, officials tell @nytimes. 'Those weapons, one senior official said, were essentially Erdogan's hostages.'
Turkish-backed SNA controls Al-Yashly Village in Manbij Countryside, Eastern Aleppo,
Turkish-backed SNA releases new footage of Manbij op, claiming to have captured two villages
4 ay önce
Aleppo Today correspondent: intensive Turkish warplanes and helicopters flights near the city of Manbij in Aleppo eastern countryside
4 ay önce
Türk savaş uçaklarının Arab Hasan el Kebir'e hava harekatı gerçekleştirdiği bildiriliyor
4 ay önce
Cumhurbaşkanı Erdoğan: "Türkiye Barış Pınarı Harekatı'yla en az 1974 Kıbrıs Barış Harekatı kadar hayati önemde bir adım atmıştır."
4 ay önce
Cumhurbaşkanı Erdoğan: "Barış Pınarı Harekatını sonuna kadar götürmekte kararlıyız. Bir kere yükselen bayrak, bir daha inmez."
Turkish-backed SNA announces the start of its offensive on Manbij.
4 ay önce
Rouhani: We hope that Turkey will stop its military operation in northern Syria
4 ay önce
Erdogan: We will not stop military operations in northeast Syria regardless of the positions of the condemning countries
The SDF reportedly have totally regained control over the industrial neighborhood of Ras al Ayn after heavy fighting
Menbiç operasyonu başladı.
EU agrees sanctions framework over Turkey's Cyprus drilling
The Turkish Army and TFSA have captured Mabroukah from SDF
Turkish aircraft targeted a point of Asayish forces of SDF in the village of Leylan west of the city of Tal Tamr of Hasaka countryside
Pictures of the SNA deployment near the city of Manbij in preparation for operation
Türkiye destekli Milli Ordu birlikleri Rasulayn kırsalındaki Medeyin kasabasını ele geçirdi
4 ay önce
All US military equipment in NE Syria "is moving" per the US official. Smaller outposts are also falling back to the bigger bases
4 ay önce
Syrian government forces are clashing with Turkish-backed groups that have cut the road from Celebe to Ayn Issa
SAA military vehicles are still entering Al-Tabqa Military airbase.
SAA tanks are stationed in the village of al-Awashriya, the last contact point in the northern eastern countryside of Manbij city
EU foreign ministers do not go further than condemning the military operation in Syria
More SAA/NDF vehicles are entering the city Ain Issa:  ANF4 ay önce
More SAA/NDF vehicles are entering the city Ain Issa: ANF
[email protected] on Syria: "The EU condemns Turkey's military action which seriously undermines the stability and the security of the whole region, resulting in more civilians suffering and further displacement and severely hindering access to humanitarian assistance."
4 ay önce
Fierce clashes between SDF fighters and the armed groups in Abu Sırre town in Ain Issa. (ANF)
Official Syrian flag in Tell Hamis, southern Al-Qamishli countryside
Federica Mogherini: Agreement found at Foreign Affairs Council on Conclusions on both North East Syria and on Turkish drillings in Eastern Mediterranean. The EU is fullly united
Rejimin Sacur nehri yanındaki Um Culud'a takviye birlikler getirdiği aktarılıyor. Umm al Julud
Turkish tanks & a recovery vehicle moving toward Tal Abyad. Lots of military activity on the border
Turkish-backed SNA found tunnels and seized ammunition in Salhiyah camp
Trump says "big sanctions" are coming on Turkey
Rasulayn kırsalında bulunan saliha ya kampında istlere ait silahli araç ele geçirildi
TSK ve Milli Ordu Resulayn güneyindeki Bilimsel Araştırma Merkezi, Salihiye köyü,Salihiye Kampı,Libya Şirketi,Mebruka elektrik binası ve Tel Benat köyünü ele geçirdi
4 ay önce
[email protected]: ..Kurds may be releasing some to get us involved. Easily recaptured by Turkey or European Nations from where many came, but they should move quickly. Big sanctions on Turkey coming. Do people really think we should go to war with NATO Member Turkey Never ending wars will end
Aldar Khalil, PYD official: "We focused on the implementation of this agreement in Afrin as well and requested the deployment of government forces along the Afrin border after liberation"
4 ay önce
Milli Savunma Bakanı Akar: "Tel Abyad ve Rasulayn kontrol altında. Bölgenin kontrolü ile ilgili çalışmalar devam ediyor. "
Türkiye destekli Milli ordu birlikleri Resulayn bölgesindeki Salhiya, Heyla ve TalBanat kampını Pkk/Pyd bölücü örgütünden kurtardı
4 ay önce
Kremlin says it has already warned all sides in Syrian conflict to avoid actions that could escalate situation, damage political process
4 ay önce
TSK ve Milli Ordu Resulayn güneyindeki Kaşka,Hayle köyleri ile Aliya kampını ele geçirdi
UN evacuate its headquarter in Qamishli, NE Syria
.@RTErdogan inbound Baku, Azerbaijan4 ay önce
[email protected] inbound Baku, Azerbaijan
US forces stationed on Qaraqozaq bridge between Kobani - Manbij4 ay önce
US forces stationed on Qaraqozaq bridge between Kobani - Manbij
NATO Secretary General: Turkish operation in Syria threatens to escalate further tensions in the region
Sterk Tv reporter Mihemmed Efrîn, who was wounded in yesterday's Turkish attack against a civilian convoy in Ras Al Ain/Serekaniye, has lost his life
Milli Orduya bağlı Ahrar Şarkiyeliler Menbiç hattına intikal ediyor
The Turkish army's shelling on Ras al-Ain/Serekaniye continues: One civilian have been killed and 2 others were wounded this morning
Jean-Yves Le Drian will not be attending France-Turkey tonight. The presence of the Foreign Minister at the Stade de France was mentioned for several days #FRATUR
US diplomatic team working on stabilization projects in northeast Syria has left - US official
4 ay önce
Kurdish units raise the Syrian official flag of in the town of Ein Issa, north of Raqqa.
SAA forces enter Ayn Issa4 ay önce
SAA forces enter Ayn Issa
TSK ve Milli Ordu Tel Abyad güneyindeki Tel Antar köyünü örgütü YPG'dan ele geçirdi.
4 ay önce
Syrian Army enters the town of Ain Issa in Raqqa countryside
4 ay önce
Military source in Kobane: Americans are on the bridge which leads to Manbij with 3-4 vehicles, not letting anyone pass, apparent intention to prevent government advance. Americans left their position on Mistenur Hill last night but then returned, they are there in the city now
Tel Abyad ta ÖSO bayrağı çekiliyor
,@jenanmoussa: I've just interviewed a dozen kurdish civilians in Derik in north Syria. I am not saying this is an official poll but its significant that they all said they prefer Syrian army to Turkish army. Also nobody I spoke to has plans to leave once the Syrian army arrives. @akhbar
Video shows the arrival of SAA forces near Tayeh crossing border (Manbij)4 ay önce
Video shows the arrival of SAA forces near Tayeh crossing border (Manbij)
4 ay önce
Erdoğan: Kobani'de Rusya'nın da olumlu yaklaşımı ile sıkıntı olmayacağa benziyor. Münbiç konusunda kararımızı verdiğimiz gibi uygulama aşamasındayız
4 ay önce
Erdogan: Our priority is to capture Manbij from militants and return civilians
4 ay önce
Erdogan: NATO countries must confront terrorism and stand by us
4 ay önce
Erdogan: I don't think there will be problems in Kobane despite the deployment of government forces on the border
Turkish-backed SNA announces its control over the villages of Ain al-Aroos, Al-Badeea and Jassim Al-Ali, south of Tal Abyad in the northern Raqqa countryside
4 ay önce
Erdogan: There is no dispute with the United States over the Manbij region in northern Syria
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