Map. History of Turkey conflict

23 June 2017
2 Turkish helicopters flying at Tell Abiad
Turkish islamic hackers announced thayt they hack Greece FM site due to Agia (saint) Sofie warning
To Saudi-Arabia and UAE: Turkish army will not leave Qatar, says Defense Minister Fikri Isik.
Saudi Arabia, other Arab nations demand that Qatar close Al-Jazeera, cut diplomatic ties to Iran, shutter Turkish base.
2 Demand from Saudi to Qatar: Qatar must immoderately shut down the Turkish military base that is being established, and halt any military coops with Turkey in Qatar.
A list of 13 demands by Saudi et al to Qatar has been released.
Turkish presidential spokesman cites number of "300 to 500" Kazakh and Kyrgyz soldiers for potential Syria deployment
Turkish special police units conduct a operation against PKK members and supporters in Turkish city Gaziantep. 12 suspects detained.
Latest Turkish military convoy has stationed in Dodyan, Qara-Mazra and Shawa, a new military base already set up in Dodyan, north Aleppo.
Turkish presidential spox Kalin says Turkey and Russia can deploy troops in Syria's Idlib
Turkish armed forces says 3 PKK members killed by armed drone in northern Iraq.
A second batch of Turkish troops arrived in Qatar's Al-Udeid airbase,joining Turkish detachment already in place for training exercises
Turkish special police units conduct a operation against a house which believed to be ISIS cell in Turkish city, Adana.7 suspects detained.
Map of the testimonies received so far following the earthquake M3.7 in Western Turkey
Blast hits a cemetery that's near to Nato base in Izmir, Turkey.
Turkey, initially sends 25 soldiers and 5 armoured vehicles to Qatar, according to Turkish media.
Vice President Pence: In call today with Turkish Cypriot leader @MustafaAkinci_1, I underscored U.S. support for UN-facilitated talks to reunify Cyprus.
German parliament votes to withdraw troops from Turkey's Incirlik Air Base
Massive analysis identifies 63,000 displaced person shelters in Idlib, Lattakia and Aleppo Governorates
Turkish ship carrying tons of aid, including food and clothes, arrives at Israeli port en route to blockaded Gaza
Turkish military reinforcements sent through Kilis toward Syria's Afrin
Turkey sends several T-155 Firtina howitzers and ACV-15 armoured vehicles to the region near Tal Rifaat
Pro-YPG sources claim Turkey sends military reinforcement to Azaz and near Tal Rifaat against Kurdish forces of YPG
Turkish FM says Macedonia deserves support more than any other country, vows Turkey will keep standing by Macedonia all the time.
Turkey is reportedly impeding the transfer of hundreds of Syrian rebels from northern Aleppo to al-Badiya. These fighters would be needed for an assault on al-Bukamal. The rebels have already expressed their wish to be transferred to the desert.
US concerned by Turkish dealings with Russia
Six Turkish soldiers were wounded following a PKK attack near the Iraqi- Turkey border
Turkish Airlines TK427 is returning to Istanbul after nearly 2 hours circling - cause unknown
TAF: "Today 2 civilians were killed and 7 injured after shelling by PKK/PYD on the cities of Marea and Azaz in Northern Syria."
Increased activity in the morning at Incirlik airbase, takeoff of A-10 Thunderbolt jets heading to Syria