Map. History of Turkey conflict

13 December 2017
Turkish President Erdoğan says U.S should reverse its decision on Jerusalem and asks "How can they take such a unilateral step?" Erdoağan says the destiny of Jerusalem cannot be left to a country that feeds on blood, that kills children and women
Erdogan: We call on the US administration to back down on the recent decision
Turkish army targeted YPG positions in Chariqli Hill, west of Ashmah. Not clear if its artillery or airstrike
Erdogan: We declared our posture to the whole world by saying "Jerusalem is our red line". Trump's declaration is of no value to us.
Erdogan: The recent U.S. decision is illegal and will not be acceptable for us
Erdogan: Washington has failed in mediation efforts in the peace process
Draft Final Communiqué: The necessity of ending and securing the international protection of the Palestinians
Draft Final Statement of the Islamic Summit: We declare East Jerusalem the capital of the State of Palestine
YPG: Turkish army once again tried to violate border in Kobanê. Fighters retaliated and heavy clashes occurred between YPG - YPJ fighters and Turkish soldiers. Two soldiers've been killed and a military vehicle was destroyed during the clashes.
YPG-YPJ fighters repelled an attack by Turkish army near Kobanê: Two soldiers have been killed, many injured.
Kobane area: 1 worker who works on the Turkish wall construction opposite the village of Ashme was wounded by YPG fire
A Turkish military vehicle was destroyed by YPG fighters after Turkish soldiers attempted to enter parts of Ashma/Eşme village west of Kobane, near the Tomb of Suleyman Shah
Abbas: We demand the issuance of a resolution of the Security Council cancels decision of Trump to consider Jerusalem as the capital of Israel
Abbas: Declaration of the Islamic Summit will recognize East Jerusalem as the capital of the Palestinian state
Clashes reported between Turkish army and YPG near Ashmah village, west of Kobane
Here is Venezuela President Nicolas Maduro standing on the margin in OIC Family Photo for Jerusalem summit in Turkey.
US national security adviser McMaster: Qatar and Turkey are new sponsors of radical ideology
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan welcoming Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi at the Extraordinary OICSummit on Al-Quds Al-Sharif in Istanbul
Abbas: Britain volunteered with United States to provide the lands of Palestine for the "Zionist movement"
Erdogan: We call on the United States to reverse its provocative decision on Jerusalem
President Erdoğan says "Trump's decision on Jerusalem is blow dealt on our civilization" and thanks Pope Francis, Jewish people with common sense. Erdogan says Jerusalem is Turkey's red line, calls to speed up process of including Palestine in international bodies
Erdogan: It is time to recognize the state of Palestine to change the equations on the ground
Erdogan: We condemn Israel's practices against Palestinian civilians in Jerusalem
Erdogan: As long as there is no just solution to the Palestinian issue, we can not talk about peace in the world
Erdogan: power is having right and not in the possession of missiles and airplanes.
Turkish President Erdoğan hosts OIC meeting on Jerusalem in Istanbul, says Israel is a state of terror and occupation, Israel has been rewarded for its terror actions with U.S decision on Jerusalem
President Erdogan: [on US aid to PYD organization] You can not destroy a terrorist organization with another terrorist organization.
Erdogan: Maps since 1947 reveal that Israel is a state of occupation and a state of terrorism
Erdogan: Istanbul is sister of Jerusalem and We are here to examine the violations that affect Jerusalem
Malaysia's PM Najib arrives in Turkey for summit on Jerusalem. In order to attend the extraordinary summit of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation, Mr Najib had to postpone the annual Malaysia-Singapore Leaders' Retreat
Turkey says world must recognise East Jerusalem as Palestinian capital
Syrian Arab tribes to support the political solution based on the formation of a transitional government with full powers under which the Syrian government and its symbols have no role in
Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu: "Our target could be the Assad government if they pose a threat to us. Currently, the main threat is coming from the PYD"
Pakistani PM arrives in Turkey to attend OIC summit in wake of Trump Jerusalem move
Two people connected to ISIS were caught in Kilis