Map. History of Turkey conflict

25 February 2018
Turkish helicopters are heavily bombing the center of Jindires and the vicinity of Tataran
5 time siden
Syria urges UN to include Afrin in ceasefire deal
4 artillery points near Hader destroyed as result of retaliation fire from Turkish checkpoint near Al-Eis
Reports of Iranian militias shelled Turkish checkpoint near Al Eis
North Afrin: pics by @khalidaboalmjed from Ancient Town of Cyrrhus (Nabi Huri) showing the Roman bridge and hexagonal mausoleum8 time siden
North Afrin: pics by @khalidaboalmjed from Ancient Town of Cyrrhus (Nabi Huri) showing the Roman bridge and hexagonal mausoleum
Turkmen Division at Dunbali village south to Rajo
Turkish warplanes carried out several airstrikes in the area of Sheran.
Turkish war planes attack on central Jinderes district
Hundereds of Turkish security forces are waiting to participate OperationOliveBranch in Afrin with armoured fighting vehicles11 time siden
Hundereds of Turkish security forces are waiting to participate #OperationOliveBranch in Afrin with armoured fighting vehicles
ANHA confim 3 dead government fighters in Rajo after airstrike
Dozen of Turkish aircrafts bombing Jandaris
Another 11 YPG fighters were killed by Olive Branch forces in Afrin region, the militia reports
AfrinOp: as OliveBranch forces possibly confronted yesterday pro-Assad fighters near Rajo, some of them reportedly killed today by Turkish bombardment on same front.
Turkish jets shell recently deployed pro-Syrian government forces in Raju, northwestern Afrin, one killed
12 time siden
Turkey says U.S. decision to open embassy in Jerusalem damaging peace
FSA captured Dunbali in Rajo district from YPG
Turkish army is also bombing Rajo district
FSA Forces Captured Syrian Flag and burned it.
Turkish jets shell Kurdish YPG targets in Jindires, southwestern Afrin. Turkish forces trying to enter the town.
Unconfirmed: Turkish Warplanes Targeted NDF(Syrian Army) Forces in Jinderes and Rajo.
13 time siden
Heavy clashes are taking place at Omarah and Arabwaran villages/Shera. Turkish army's bombardment is also continues in the same are
Turkish army units covered by warplanes trying to enter Jandaris, southwestern Afrin.
The #OperationOliveBranch Room announced the control over Hajilar and Ebukib villages near Jinderes from the YPG.
Heavy clashes sustained around Jinderes town for the whole night. Olive Branch Forces, supported by T129 Attack Heli's , captured Abu Kab and Hacılar villages
19 time siden
Turkish army claims 1931 militants were killed during Olive Branch operation
FSA "Jaysh al-Nasr" seized Abu Qib village on eastern side of Jinderes in south western Afrin from YPG
19 time siden
Turkish war planes are bombarding the center of district Jindires and the village Erebweran of district Shera
Photographs from the village of Abu Kab captured this morning.
A Turkish helicopter firing on YPG targets in Afrin
Armed groups in Jarablus city found a motorcycle with bomb on it today