Map. History of Turkey conflict

19 Tebax 2018
A Turkish helicopter firing on YPG targets in Afrin
Armed groups in Jarablus city found a motorcycle with bomb on it today
A photo(above) from the Muskah village that was captured from the YPG today.
HTS believes that Turkey-backed FSA will be coming to fight HTS in Idlib after Afrin operation is over when north Aleppo is re-linked with Idlib through Afrin route.
340 kg of cannabis hidden in ketchup bottles seized in Diyarbakır5 month ago
340 kg of cannabis hidden in ketchup bottles seized in Diyarbakır
5 month ago
Germany says Turkey releases another German citizen from prison
Olive Branch forces have a close view on town of Rajo (NW. Afrin).
ANF has acquired footage from convoy which was bombed by the Turkish army
5 month ago
Turkish foreign minister says Russia and Iran should stop violations carried out by Syrian government in Eastern Ghouta
The village of Meske, located near Racu, was captured from YPG - statement
Syria FSA/TSK seized Muskan village at main road between Rajo and Afrin
Afrin: Turkish Army and FSA Captured Maskanli village from YPG, Rajo.
5 month ago
Turkey summons Dutch chargé d'ffaires after deputies vote on Armenian genocide
5 month ago
Turkey says Dutch parliament's recognition of alleged Armenian "genocide" is "baseless," and has no place in history and hence "has no legal binding or validity"
Turkish military says the number of "militants neutralised" since the start of Operation Olive Branch in Syria's Afrin region has risen to 1873
FSA carried out a night operation to Baflor village before capturing.
5 month ago
Turkish army claims 1873 militants were killed during Olive Branch operation
HRW: Civilian Deaths in Turkish Attacks May Be Unlawful. Turkey should thoroughly investigate these strikes, make the findings public, and provide adequate redress to civilian victims or their families
Turkish Armed Forces statement says the convoy with 30-40 vehicles that was carrying equipments and weapons to militants was detected in Afrin's south east and was destroyed.5 month ago
Turkish Armed Forces statement says the convoy with 30-40 vehicles that was carrying equipments and weapons to militants was detected in Afrin's south east and was destroyed.
Turkish army published video from UAV attack on YPG convoy at Afrin entrance
The rest of the convoy that was hit by Turkish strikes in attempt to enter Afrin
YPG or SAA shelling Marea town in northern Aleppo with heavy artillery
Turkish warplanes carried out airstrikes in the villages of Maryamin, east of Afrin.
Reports say that Turkish army targeted an ammo depot in the village of Sheikh Issa east of Tal Rifat
Fires after Turkish aviation/artillery hit the area of Ziyarah checkpoint
AfrinOp: aftermath of Turkish airstrikes on YPG-SDF positions located on top of Sheikh Khozuz hill (East of Bulbul).
Turkish army targeted Ashrafiyah neighbourhood of Afrin with artillery.
Explosions as Turkish airplanes hit the area of Ziyarah checkpoint
Turkish army is still shelling at the Ziyarah cp
Dutch parliament officially recognizes Armenian killings as genocide
In these minutes Turkish war planes are bombarding the villages Sheikh Khoruz, Eka, Chexara and Besatin of district Bilbil, the surrounding of district Meydanke and the village Qerteqlaq of district Shera
Turkish army is shelling Ziyarah checkpoint(northern Nubl) to prevent a YPG convoy which is coming from east Syria.
YPG official statement on Aleppo: YPG and YPJ left for Afrin, all district in Aleppo handed over to Syrian government
"This is a very complicated battle space" says Pentagon's Dana White "It is important that all parties understand that the common threat is ISIS and that fight is not over" re Turkey
Turkish warplanes bombarded YPG targets in several locations in the areas of Bulbul, Meydanki dam.
#AfrinOp: Colonel Hassan Ahmed head of Sultan Murad's Military College has been killed in Deir Saman. Claimed as a joint YPG-Assad operation with IED.
Turkish warplanes carried out airstrikes in Baflioun mountain, west of Azaz.
The Operation Olive Branch Room announced the control over Upper and Lower Al- Dhaira/Kurke in the Sheikh Hadid axis.
OliveBranch forces captured Kurke Fawqani and Tahtani.
Kurdish YPG agrees to hand over control of Tel Rifaat to Syrian Army - source
The Operation Olive Branch Room announced the liberating Rahmainli and Sari Ushagi villages
[email protected] gained control over Rahmanlı village in Rajo district
Turkish army is shelling the center of district Jindires: One civilian has been killed and two others were wounded
N. Aleppo: convoy of Assad forces (not anymore IRGC-linked Baqir Brigade) with their equipment heading to Afrin-city.
Afrin: OliveBranch Forces captured Sari Ushaghi and Rahmanli villages from YPG. Today number of captured Villages: 4
Turkish jets are conducting airstrikes on the villages Sheytana and Kurka of district Mabata since the morning hours
Reports say FSA took control of the strategic Qestel/Mikdad and Ali Jaru villages from the YPG after clashes.
Ali Jeru has been captured by Olive Branch forces in the area of Bulbul
5 month ago
Turkish army says 1829 militants were killed in Olive Branch
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