Map. History of Turkey conflict

21 September 2018
YPG ATGM hit at Rajo district
Turkish army helicopters have been bombing the town Jinderisse accompanied by heavy artillery shelling since the evening hours.
"Every single minute we wait, there are people dying," says @FedericaMog, urging that the UNSC resolution on a Syrian ceasefire is implemented immediately, with Russia, Iran and Turkey taking responsibility for that
EU foreign policy chief @FedericaMog is sending a letter today to Russia, Iran and Turkey insisting they use their influence to implement a full and immediate ceasefire in Syria
Turkish army is heavily bombarding Pkk targets in the villages of Meydanki and Sheran, in Sheran area.
AA says TSK and FSA cut off contact of the YPG's land border with Turkey in Afrin after lberating Sinarah and Anqaleh.
France's Macron tells Erdogan Syria truce also applies to Afrin
Macron told Erdogan in phone call that France's monitoring of humanitarian access and chemical weapons is "total and permanent"
FSA/TSK advance on Shaykh al-Hadid town at border to Turkey west of Afrin
Heavy clashes are ongoing near Ankale and Sinnarah.
The #OperationOliveBranch Room announced the control of Harmanlık village from the YPG.
6 month ago
Turkish government spox Bekir Bozdağ says Turkey conveyed extradition request for former PYD co-chair Saleh Muslim, says Saleh Muslim will appear in Czech court today
Turkish media says Turkish security forces who are specialised in urban warfare, were deployed to Afrin.
6 month ago
Turkish Armed Forces announced that the number of militants 'neutralised' during Operation Olive Branch rose to 2,059
6 month ago
Germany approves 31 arms deals with Turkey amid signs of normalization
Footage from Maydan Ekbis in north western Afrin after YPG expelled
Footage from Maydan Ekbis in north western Afrin after YPG expelled
In these minutes Turkish jets are bombarding the center of district Shiye and the surrounding villages
YPG ATGM strike in the village Hajilar / district Jinderisse of Afrin
Turkish war planes are bombarding the district Rajo: At least two soldiers of the Syrian National Defence Forces (NDF) killed and 3 others wounded
FSA establishes "Kurdish Falcons Brigade" which has 400 Kurdish and 200 Arab fighters. It is associated with the Hamza Brigade.
Turkish warplanes carried out several airstrikes in the center of Rajo and Haj Khalil village.
Iraqi court sentences 16 Turkish women to death for joining ISIS
Turkish warplanes carried out another airstrike near Meydanki village moments ago.
Turkish warplanes carried out airstrikes in the village of Hassan Dera
Sultan Murat Turkmen division in Benderlik village
FSA have captured Medyan Ekbis and Bandarak villages.
Turkish army and FSA captured Bandarlik village from YPG
OliveBranch forces captured Benderlik in eastern Ekbes town.
Turkish army and FSA begin storming Meydan Ekbez town. Heavy clashes reported inside/around the town.
A source from Festaqim K. : Iranian backed-shiite militants entered Tal Rifat under the name of NDF to prevent any Turkish offensive towards the city and Minag airbase.
The former leader of the PKK's political operations in Syria (which uses the name PYD), Saleh Muslim, has been arrested in Prague under the Interpol system, Turkish media reported an hour ago.
Turkish army shelling YPG targets in Afrin countryside
Syrian Kurdish leader Salih Muslim Muhammad detained in Prague on Turkish international warrant
FSA took Medyan Ekbis border town in north western Afrin
FSA and Turkish army captured Umranli villages from YPG, West to Bursaya mount
6 month ago
Turkish army says that since the beginning of the operation of the Olive Branch 2018 militants were killed
Olive Branch forces captured Samalik, Sheykh Muhhamad, Bilkakli and Kunda Dudu villages from YPG
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