3 December 2023
Turkish drones bomb the Sidekan district in northern Iraq
1 year ago
Chamber of Mining Engineers President Çağlar Öztürk: 41 workers lost their lives
The Syrian Civil Defense puts out a fire that broke out in the "Kortech" camp in the countryside of Afrin, north of Aleppo, as a result of the clashes between Hay'at Tahrir al-Sham and the Third Corps
1 year ago
Turkish government: 15 people are still stuck in a mine in the northern city of Amasra
TSK mobilized in all of the northern Syrian regions under Turkey control. TSK units started patrolling with armored vehicles in Afrin, Al-Bab, Azez, and other settlements
1 year ago
Turkish parliament passes law punishing fake news promoters in prison
1 year ago
Foreign Ministry of Ukraine: Russia is planning sabotage at Turkish stream pipeline to blame Ukraine
1 year ago
At meeting with Erdogan in Astana Putin claimed there were attempts to blow up "Turkish Stream" pipeline
Putin met with Erdogan in Astana1 year ago
Putin met with Erdogan in Astana
Lukashenka met President of Turkeye Erdogan in Astana1 year ago
Lukashenka met President of Turkeye Erdogan in Astana
1 year ago
Earthquake of magnitude 5.0 - 16 km N of Osmaniye, Turkey
1 year ago
This week Putin meets UAE President Mohamed bin Zayed al-Nahyan in Russia today and Turkish President Erdogan in Kazakhstan on Thursday
SDF-affiliated Manbij Military Council and Asayish clash with an armed group in Syria's Manbij, resulting in arresting and killing militants of the group
A powerful explosion rocked the Kadikoy region on the Asian coast of Istanbul1 year ago
A powerful explosion rocked the Kadikoy region on the Asian coast of Istanbul
1 year ago
Turkish-backed Syrian group cuts off water to Hasakah
Turkish artillery target farmlands in Zakho and Emadiya in Kurdistan Region
The Syrian Democratic Forces "SDF" target with rocket-propelled grenades the Kafr Jannat - Afrin road, north of Aleppo.
1 year ago
Erdogan and Putin had a phone call, discussed situation in Ukraine
1 year ago
Greek correspondent asks Turkish President Erdogan whether "We might come one night suddenly" means attacking Greece. Erdogan: "You have understood the situation. Our response to any country disturbing us, attacking us is 'We might come one night suddenly'
1 year ago
Suspected Turkish airstrikes hit Sinjar mountains
1 year ago
Turkish presidential decree: Şakir Ozkan Turunlar appointed as the new ambassador of Turkey to Israel
Turkish planes reportedly bombed the Mountain Kunakotr in the Balayan valley in the Qasre subdistrict of Erbil's Choman district. Photo submitted to Kurdistan 24
1 year ago
The Syrian National Army targets with artillery shells SDF positions on the "Tal Jijan" axis in the northern countryside of Aleppo
Turkish forces shell with heavy weapons the town of Zirgan (Abu Rasin) in north of Hasakah, northeastern Syria
A suspected Turkish drone again hit a vehicle allegedly carrying PKK fighters in a village in the Sharbazher area of northeastern Sulaimani province of the Kurdistan Region
Turkish Defense Minister Hulusi Akar: Our forces are in a state of readiness after Greece illegally arming the islands, which must be demilitarized1 year ago
Turkish Defense Minister Hulusi Akar: Our forces are in a state of readiness after Greece illegally arming the islands, which must be demilitarized
Kurdistan Region's Counter-Terrorism Service has confirmed that two PKK members were killed and another was injured in today's drone attack in Sulaymaniyah
North Press correspondent citing a military source as saying: Turkish forces target with artillery shells the villages of al-Nuwaihat, al-Musherfa and al-Asadiya in the countryside of Zirgan town, north of Hasakah in northeast Syria
A women's rights activist from Turkey with ideological ties to the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) was shot multiple times and killed in Sulaimani, raising alarm amongst the Kurdish community from Turkey about the increasing number of such assassinations
1 year ago
The Turkish Ministry of Defense: Neutralizing 7 members of the SDF who tried to attack the "Peace Spring" area in northeastern Syria