25 September 2021
The Turkish Army and TFSA are currently shelling Maranaz, Shawarighat al Arz, Qallat Shawarighat, Kafr Antoun, Irashideh, Tat Marash, and Milkiyah with rockets, mortars, and artillery
1 year ago
Turkish Security council was convened by Erdogan
1 year ago
Turkish officials denied military convoy attack claim near Atarib
Pro-Assad forces shelling targeted Turkish army convoy near Atareb, injuries reported
Syria: strikes on TSK convoy in Idlib countryside are now visually confirmed
1 year ago
AK Party Spokesman Çelik on Idlib: The Turkish army will do the necessary work until the SAA is pulled back to the line it started the aggression
Iran calls for dialogue between Turkey and Syria, says it is ready to facilitate talks — Iranian FM Zarif
Death toll of Turkish soldiers due to artillery shelling by the pro-Assad forces on Taftanaz Airport rises to 6, according to the Turkish Ministry of Defense
1 year ago
There is no agreement on idlib after Russian and Turkish meeting. Russian delegation refused to withdraw to Sochi line
A camp was burned near the city of Azaz in Aleppo countryside
1 year ago
Turkish President Erdoğan meets with Minister of National Defense Akar
1 year ago
Head of the Communication Department in the Turkish Presidency: We have responded to the attack that targeted a Turkish military post in Idlib
The Turkish plane landed in the new state hospital in Antakya, which is carrying the wounded Turkish soldiers who were targeted by the pro-Assad artillery at Taftanaz Airport1 year ago
The Turkish plane landed in the new state hospital in Antakya, which is carrying the wounded Turkish soldiers who were targeted by the pro-Assad artillery at Taftanaz Airport
5 dead and 4 wounded in artillery shelling by pro-Assad forces on the Turkish point in Taftanaz Airport in the eastern countryside of Idlib
Turkey helicopter, seen about 30 minutes ago near Syria borders, heading into Idlib, reportedly to evacuate injured soldiers in Taftanaz Airbase. The helo is seen passing over a convoy of tank transporters
5 Turkish soldiers were killed and 5 soldiers were injured as a result of artillery fire of the pro-Assad forces in Idlib
1 year ago
Turkish officials: The Syrian army targets the Turkish observation post in Taftanaz in northern Syria
Reports of casualties at Turkish base in Taftanaz after artillery shelling, helicopters are flying now over the Syria-Turkey border
Wounded Turkish soldiers evacuated from Taftanaz airport
Warplanes targeted area of Taftanaz military airport with missiles
Syrian State TV reporting from vicinity of TAF checkpoint in Al Eis this morning
Turkish Ministry of Defense: 8 killed and 7 wounded in a truck bomb explosion in Afrin
1 year ago
The Turkish Army has told NLF and TFSA that the Military Operation against government Axis Forces has been temporarily paused until a meeting with a Russian Envoy ends in Ankara. The Name of the Turkish Military Opetation is Supporting Peace
1 year ago
Turkish Foreign Minister: We have informed Russia that we will take the necessary steps if the regime does not stop its attacks on Idlib
1 year ago
Turkish Foreign Minister: If we do not reach a rapprochement over Idlib between the Turkish and Russian delegations, we will raise the matter to Erdogan and Putin level
Turkish artillery from several points in Idlib countryside, targeting locations of the pro-Assad forces in Saraqib countryside, with dozens of projectiles
Cyprus president: Gas drilling won't stop for Turkey dispute
Turkish artillery in Idlib started pounding the pro-Assad forces to support a counter-offensive by the Syrian opposition
1 year ago
Aleppo correspondent today: The Turkish army establishes a military post near Ma'rat Al-Naasan, northeast of Idlib
SNA and Turkish army moving to Saraqib and Nayrab fronts1 year ago
SNA and Turkish army moving to Saraqib and Nayrab fronts
8 civilians were killed and dozens were wounded as a preliminary result due to a car bomb explosion on Raju Road, Afrin, in the northern countryside of Aleppo
Aleppo correspondent today: The death toll from the bombing that hit the city of Afrin has risen to 8 and a number of wounded
Wounded in a car bomb explosion on Rajo Road, Afrin, north of Aleppo
Video: TAF OP just outside Saraqib at the grain silos
Turkish army convoy moved to Idlib
New Turkish military convoy entered from the Kafr Lossin crossing into Idlib, which includes armored vehicles, tanks and vehicles
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