Detention warrants issued for 92 teachers in Turkey's capital Ankara today

Map. History of Turkey conflict

20 September 2018
6 month ago
Foreign Minister Çavuşoğlu: We have agreed on the east of Euphrates and Manbij with U.S.
AfrinOp: OliveBranch forces advanced on all fronts today. The most important location seized is Maryamayn located between Afrin-city and Menagh Airbase.
Co chair of Afrin water public system: Water lines to Meydanki Afrin is completely cut off by Turkish bombards.the water supply here for Afrin finished now.
Reports of the entry of government forces into Afrin region.
FSA captured Maryamin from YPG
Syrian rebels, FSA National Army inside Maryamin village after capturing it from SDF/YPG.
FSA captured Kafr Safra from YPG - statement
Video footage from Kafrsafra, northern Jinderes.
TuAF carried out several airstrikes in the village of Qibar near Afrin.
Afrin: Olive Branch Forces Took Control Qurt Qulaq Village from YPG.
6 month ago
Turkey's Erdogan says Afrin town under Turkish siege, entering the city center imminent
Turkey-backed FSA National Army entered YPG-held Kafr Safra village north of Jinderes town. Clashes continue.
The Free Syrian Army forces control the village of Kafr Miza in the Sharan axis of rural Afrin
Olive Branch forces captured Kafrmiza in norhern Maryamayn.
FSA/TSK took over western bank of Maydankay Dam in northern Afrin
FSA/TSK took over Kafr Safra north of Jinders town in SW Afrin
Heacy clashes in the villages Bûke and Bakhce/ Bilbile district. Turkish warplanes bombing the village Sarya/ Bilbile district
Turkish army is shelling the Meryemine village of district Shera: Civilian casualties reported (ANHA)
The Free Syrian Army forces control the Mount Kachkadar in the Changal axis in the countryside of Afrin
Sultan Murat Turkmen division at Kachkadar mount at Shingal axis
TSK and FSA reached the borders of Afrin district center. Villages of Shavarighat Al Caviz and Melkiyah were cleared of YPG
The Free Syrian Army forces control the village of Surayil in the Bulbul region of the countryside of Afrin
6 month ago
Turkey orders 186 detained on suspected links to Gulen network: Anadolu
6 month ago
Detention warrants issued for 92 teachers in Turkey's capital Ankara today
6 month ago
TSK: The number of militants neutralized in Afrin - 3149
BSF Ropucha class LSTM Azov 151 returned from its 2nd Syria deployment in 2018 and transited Bosphorus towards Black Sea 05:00Z6 month ago
BSF Ropucha class LSTM Azov 151 returned from its 2nd Syria deployment in 2018 and transited Bosphorus towards Black Sea 05:00Z
AfrinOp: OliveBranch seized the 1st YPG tank as well as an artillery piece and 2 Konkurs ATGMs in a military camp in Sharan area.
The new Turkish military convoy entered Azaz city from Bab al Salameh border crossing.
Turkish Army soldier clash with YPG in Jinderes
6 month ago
Turkey continues to show the classic signs of an overheating economy, Goldman Sachs says
6 month ago
Balancing US-Turkey and US-Kurd relationships - "It's a very difficult and complex situation" per @US_EUCOM's Gen Scaparrotti "I'm hopeful we can walk this path and attain both interests"
OliveBranch forces take control over "Mafraq al Jatt" in western Azaz. Means Nubl-Kafrjana-Afrin highway completely cut off.
AfrinOp: drone view of town of Jindires taken today by Olive Branch forces.
6 month ago
Worried about lack of ambassador to Belarus Belgium Iceland Ireland Sweden Turkey - "It does concern me," says @US_EUCOM's Gen Scaparrotti, saying other organizations also waiting for US ambassadors
6 month ago
"I haven't personally seen that myself" Gen Scaparrotti says of Turkey being not helpful in the Balkans
6 month ago
Turkey also active in the Balkans, per @US_EUCOM's Gen Scaparrotti: "Turkey primarily enters most of these countries in the Balkans with a humanitarian approachThere are some who have said this influence isn't helpful"
OliveBranch forces captured the Al Qadi farms near Maryamayn. they're knocking the doors of Maryamayn
Turkish war planes are bombarding the villages Miremin and Qurtuqlaqe of district Shera and the village Qeretepe of Afrin center, Clashes are ongoing between YPG forces and the Turkish army around the villages Qurtuqlaqe and Qeretepe
AfrinOp: the YPG towers of Mesarat.
TSK / FSA troops captured the village of Shavarga el-Coz in the north east of Afrin
Shawaghat North of Maryamayn is also under Olive Branch control.
Olive Branch forces captured Shurghat al Jhuz in northern Maryarmayn.
6 month ago
Turkish troops to align with Baghdad in operation against PKK in Kurdistan: FM
ANHA: Operation by SDF forces against the Turkish army around Metina village of district Shera: At least 5 members of the Turkish special forces have been killed
Al Hamza at Al Aswad prison used by the YPG as a main prison for their opponents in the vicinity of Raju
The Free Syrian Army forces control a Muearisat village near Sharan in the countryside of Afrin
Unknown location
The Free Syrian Army forces control the Al Aswad prison at Rajo axis
OliveBranch force captured Maarsat in southern Kafrjana
Turkish soldiers along with Free Syrian Army (FSA) forces backed by Special Forces teams of Turkey national police and gendarmerie captured Jandairis town in Syria's Afrin after heavy clashes with Kurdish People's Protection Forces YPG fighters
Hundreds of civilians are beginning to flee Afrin city,Syria
FSA seized a DShK mounted motorcyle in Sharan district that was captured from YPG in Afrin.
Turkish army deploying more troops in Jandaris, Afrin. after storming the town earlier today.
Turkish military, Free Syrian Army FSA capture Jinderes town in Syria's Afrin from YPG during Operation Olive Branch
Turkmen Division in Dunballi village
1 civilians were killed and many others injured after artillery shelling from YPJ and PKK targeted residential areas in Maree and Kaljebren city in the northern countryside of Aleppo. @scdaleppo teams worked to continue the rescue operation.
6 month ago
Cavusoglu says Turkey will carry out the cross-border joint operation with Baghdad against PKK militants in Iraq
6 month ago
Turkish foreign minister says operation into Syria's Afrin will be completed by May
6 month ago
Turkish Foreign Minister says former PYD co-chair Salih Muslim in Stockholm, TR has sent Sweden diplomatic note for his arrest
FSA announced the control over Jinderes district after heavy clashes.
Center of Jindires is under control of Olive Branch forces. Last pockets of resistance heard (NE.-E. suburbs).
Hallubi Kabir and Saghir under Olive Branch control.
Olive Branch forces completely captured Jinderes town from YPG, the southern gate of Afrin
Turkish army close to encircle Jandaris, SW Afrin. as warplanes intensify strikes.
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