State Sec. Tillerson came to Ankara

Map. History of Turkey conflict

22 February 2018
6 day ago
Amid escalating tensions over US support to YPG, critical Erdogan-Tillerson meeting ends in Ankara after 3 hours and 15 minutes
6 day ago
Turkish army on Olive Branch today: 7 soldiers were wounded
No meetings held between SAA / Russians with YPG in TalRafat - YPG commander
Afrin: FSA Forces seized one Konkurs ATGM from YPG
The courts will decide about German-Turkish Die Welt reporter Deniz Yucel and I hope his trial will be conducted soon, Prime Minister Binali Yildirim says
PM Yıldırım warns a reporter at the news conference not to make YPG propaganda after the reporter shows fake images of the Afrin operation
6 day ago
Erdogan-Tillerson meeting started
German Chancellor says "we hope the case will resolve quickly within the scope of the rule of law and hope there will be an indictment soon. Turkish PM says he hopes D. Yücel will appear in court soon, each hearing is a hope, don't want this case to damage relations
RT reporter in Afrin asks YPGSDF why he is wearing civilian clothes he answered:to protect myself from Turkish shelling, Turkish army shells anyone wearing uniform even in civilian areas #OliveBranch
Turkish army is shelling Tal Rifat now.
Unknown location
YPG hit Turkish/FSA vehicle with ATGM
6 day ago
State Sec. Tillerson came to Ankara
TuAF continues air raids in the areas of South Hadid, Jinderes, Rajo and northern Afrin
Turkish PM Yıldırım speaks en route to Germany to meet Merkel, says on Die Welt reporter Deniz Yücel "I believe he will appear in court soon, each hearing at court is a hope"
US has 'never given heavy arms' to YPG Syrian Kurdish militia: Tillerson
FSA captured Khara Suluq or Harab Sumaq village from the YPG.
The #OperationOliveBranch Room announced the control over Khara Suluq village from the YPG militants
Jaish Nasr on its way to take Diwan Fowqani and nearby hills from YPG, using at least one Panthera F9
Kurdish official: Turkey transferred M60 US-made tanks to the area of Afrin after previously using German tanks.
Aerial photo from the Diwan Fawqani village that was captured from the YPG
The #OperationOliveBranch says they captured and linked the road between Sheikh Hadid and Raco.
The YPG announced the deaths of 7 more of its fighters in operations vs. #OliveBranch forces in Afrin
FSA with Turkish army support captured Diwan village from YPG
Al Nasr army captured Diwan Al Fawqani(and joined Olive Branch)
The #OperationOliveBranch Room announces the capturing Jugali Al Tahtani village from the YPG
6 day ago
Greece says won't tolerate challenge to its rights after Turkish collision
Turkey's defense minister said he had told his US counterpart that the YPG should be removed from the SDF
US Defense Secretary Jim Mattis says NATO and America stand with Turkey on legitimate security concerns; says Syrian crisis must be resolved within the UN framework
FSA Ahrar al-Sharqiya announced the control over Karri, Sharbanli and Shadiya villages from YPG. Afrin
Turkey "has an insurgency inside its own borders" and US stands with Turkey, says US Defence Secretary Mattis, and says "we are finding common ground" in northern Syria. Says it's among most complicated fight he's ever seen, but communications are marked by honesty, transparency
US Defence Secretary Mattis says he didn't expect to solve disagreements in 24 hours, but expects reluctant European governments to take back foreign fighters detained in Syria
Turkish Defense Minister: Washington did not ask us to end the military operations in Afrin
Main Greek opposition party leader Mitsotakis blasts PM Tsipras over foreign policy choices and for appeasing Turkey in Aegean Sea1 week ago
Main Greek opposition party leader Mitsotakis blasts PM Tsipras over foreign policy choices and for appeasing Turkey in Aegean Sea
Also the village of Sharbanli/Kum Reçe is under control of Olive Branch Forces.
HTS news agency claims new TSK convoy is entering Sarmin town, between Idlib city and Saraqeb
Sadiya and Kari villages were captured
Sadiya, Kavala, Kari villages and mount was captured by FSA
2 more villages captured today by FSA and Turkish Army: Shadiya and Karri, SW of Raju township.
Large Turkish column entered Syria and arrived in Sarman (SE. Idlib) to set up a new observation point in the Granaries area.
Greek PM Tsipras shows support to CoastGuard and message to Turkey by visiting Shipping Ministry1 week ago
Greek PM Tsipras shows support to CoastGuard and message to Turkey by visiting Shipping Ministry
Heavy clashes between FSA and YPG at Diwan village near Atmeh
Turkish Air Force drone UAV on the Iraq border - TCS4
The official statement on control of Durakili village from FSA
National army(FSA) fighters inside Sheikh Cuqali/Cakalli/Soldujuk.
OliveBranch forces captured Durakli village this morning.
Turkish military convoy arrived to east of Maarat al-Nu'man in Idlib, Syria. Will establish another observation point.
Turkish Army convoy headed to al-Sarman village to constitute an observation point in accordance with Astana deals.
US asks Turkey to focus on fighting ISIS, while US defense secretary Mattis met with his Turkish counterpart.
1 week ago
TSK announced: 1528 militants killed in Afrin campaign
Free Army controls the village of Durga near Jabal Sheikh Khrouz in the area of ​​Bulbul north Afrin
Turkish T129 ATAK helicopter audible in the night with 20mm machinegun
Large Turkish military convoy entered Idlib countryside this morning to set up 'observation points' east of Ma'ret Nu'man
@jensstoltenberg tells he did ask Turkish Defence Minister Canikli about Ankara's air-defense plans - in Russian S-400s it says it's buying - but their mtng focused more on increasing cooperation with Franco-Italian consortium whose equipment can be integrated into NATO's system
YPG has regained control of Qude village. Afrin
Hamza Division shelling YPG in Bulbul region with GRAD missiles
A TSK demining operation in Burseya mountain