Map. History of Turkey conflict

18 نيسان 2021
Violent clashes between SDF and Turkish forces in Daoudia and Arisha axis, Tell tamr and Zarkan (Abu Rasayn) countryside
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الأناضول عن نائب الرئيس التركي: بدء عمليات التنقيب قبالة سواحل شمال شرق قبرص
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In Ağrı, Halis Ersayan, who was sought in the gray category, was determined to be one of the 15 militants which was neutralized by the gendarmerie units on 7-9 November.
USAF U-2S Dragon Lady 80-1085 tracking over Eastern Mediterranean1 سنة منذ
USAF U-2S Dragon Lady 80-1085 tracking over Eastern Mediterranean
Marco Rubio: It would be a major slap in the face to the U.S. if Erdogan, just hours/days after his meeting at the @WhiteHouse views the final departure of U.S. troops near Kobane Kobanî as his chance to lay siege to this majority Kurdish city
ANHA: "The sixth secret patrol ended for fear of the reactions of the people between the Russian forces and the Turkish forces in the district, after they toured the western countryside of the district."
SAA deployed until (including) Ayn Diwar north east of Al-Malikiyah on border
Turkish forces have reached the main road north of Tal Tamr following today's advance.
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Erdogan on "Safe Zone": We will see the attitude of NATO countries. If we take a positive approach, we can take a step towards a peace corridor in the north in the first place
During their White House Oval Office meeting Wednesday, Turkish President Erdogan pulled out an iPad to show a group of Republican senators & President Trump a propaganda video casting the Kurds in a negative light, a GOP source familiar with the situation tells @betsy_klein
The Turkish forces attack the village of Til Tawil with heavy weapons
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Turkey says American Islamic State suspect stuck at border with Greece will be transferred to the United States
Turkish Army Bombs in the vicinity of the villages of Daoudia, Arish, Aisha and Gebro Farms in Northern Tal Tamr
The Turkish Army and TFSA have captured Al-Arishah from SDF
Coalition forces have withdrawn completely from the military base in Sarrin in southern of Kobane (ANHA)1 سنة منذ
Coalition forces have withdrawn completely from the military base in Sarrin in southern of Kobane (ANHA)
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Turkish Ministry of Defense: "The sixth patrol of the Turkish and Russian military carried out in the Derbesiye region to the east of the Euphrates with the participation of UAVs has been completed."
Joint Turkish-Russian patrols started in western of Dirbespiye as part of the Sochi agreement (ANHA)
9 detained in Ankara's Yenimahalle as part of operation against ISIS1 سنة منذ
9 detained in Ankara's Yenimahalle as part of operation against ISIS
بلدي : الجيش الوطني السوري يسيطر على قرية العريشة قرب بلدة تل_تمر بريف الحسكة سوريا
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In conjunction with the bilateral meeting between Trump and Erdogan in Washington, Turkish reconnaissance planes and unidentified warplanes flying over the area of Abu Rasin/Zirgan and the countryside of Tal Tamr, amid Intermittent ground shelling on the region
"No deal from Trump, Erdoğan meeting", a senior Turkish official who attended the meetings tells @acetmehmettw. "Meetings will continue"
"We have no problems with the Kurds. We have problems with terrorist organizations." - Erdogan
"I think the president has a great relationship with the Kurds," says @POTUS, referring to @RTErdogan. "Many Kurds currently live in Turkey and they're happy and taken care of."
Erdogan says he returned the infamous Trump letter to Trump himself during the meetings
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إعلام النظام السوري: القوات التركية تعيد تموضعها في قرية المناجير بريف رأس العين
@POTUS asks @RTErdogan to call only on "friendly reporters from Turkey."
ترامب: يجب على أوروبا مساعدة تركيا على إيواء اللاجئين واستعادة مواطنيهم من سجناء داعش
Erdoğan: I told the President that we could get a Patriot if the requested offer was given
Erdogan: "We can only overcome the challenges we face in this field, especially the S400 system and the F35 programme, through dialogue."
أردوغان: إن عمليتي {درع الفرات} و{غصن الزيتون} أعادة توطين أكثر من 300 ألف لاجيء سوري
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