Map. History of Turkey conflict

19 August 2017
4 suspected terrorists were neutralized in Van
US and Russian officials to visit Ankara to discuss about the situation in Idlib
Heavy clashes between various factions in ES-held al-Bab, northern Aleppo. 13 militants reportedly killed.
United States 39th Air Wing Commander: MQ-1 Predator unmanned aerial vehicle crashed in a field near Adana.
1 Ranger was killed in Hakkari
Erdogan urges Turks in Germany not to support CDU, SPD or Greens
Don’t vote for Merkel, Schulz, Greens: Erdoğan to Turks in Germany
Former Rear Admiral Gökhan Polat was caught in Balıkesir
Fire breaks out at Greek consulate in Istanbul
Turkish army has attacked Efrîn city center with howitzers Thursday night. Several howitzer shells hit the city center, and also a civilian car
The Turkish aircraft observes the Hatay's Karayılan district after the YPG attacked and killed a Turkish soldier.
Turkish artillery has hit the center of Afrin, after suspected YPG attack got killed 1 Turkish soldier near rif Antioch.
Artillery targeting Afrin now
Adana Governor announced that the crashed UAV belongs to USAF
The UAV catches fire after the crashing.Firefighters extinguished the fire.
An UAV crashed in Turkey's Adana, near Incirlik air base.
Turkish Air Force E7 Peace Eagle AEW&C aircraft over Hatay
Five suspected terrorists have been neutralized in Kagizman by security forces
UAV crashed in Adana's Ceyhan county. Police started an investigation of the incident
Another Turkish reinforcement to Al Bab area.
In Bursa, 7 people were taken into custody for ties with PKK / KCK organization.
Surveillance aircraft (TCS02) near Idlib is back on Flight Radar
A forest fire broke out at Satan Sofrasi, one of the most popular tourism centers in Balıkesir.
Early this month, Turkey's Erdogan replaced land, air and naval commanders of the military, in a major shake-up of the armed forces.
Turkey’s fleet commander 'resigned', Erdogan spokesperson says
Turkey calls on the Kurdistan Regional Government to make a "wise" decision and not go ahead with its independence referendum.
Turkey government says US Defense Secretary Mattis to visit in coming days.
Turkish border guards found a 40 meters tunnel that directly goes to Turkey's Nusaybin from YPG-held Qamishli in Syria
Spokesman of Turkey's Erdogan says U.S. SecDef will visit Turkey in coming days
Turkish Air Force drone UAV over the border into Syria TCS02